Trump defacing himself

My opinion of somebody weighs on what they do, but also on what they say. People in positions of power have to know their words travel. Being careful with words and being credible is always something I look at in a presidential candidate way before I look at their social or political ideologies.
Donald Trump is known as a very successful American businessman. His wealth, having placed him on the Forbes List four consecutive years in a row, has often summed up his personality: Powerful. Hosting a reality show where he fires contestants who don’t seem to measure up to his liking, he is well known for voicing his opinion with no regard for others feelings and emotions.
In a world where citizens are afraid to speak up for themselves, sometimes Trump shines by doing what he does. However, does this give him license to say anything.
“I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Trump said during a pep rally in Iowa. A candidate for the President of the United States of America said those words. This is not simply an angry audience member speaking out at a political rally. Donald Trump said these words with no reprimand or regard. Now, I’m not even a very politically involved person myself, but this was too big to ignore. There is such a thing as political correctness in this country, and Trump should be reminded of it.
There are many reasons why there are just some things that a person shouldn’t say when they’re running to be the most powerful man or woman in the nation. For one, the questions that a statement like that raises. What if it’s true? What if Trump really could shoot somebody and not lose any votes? What if he could get away with it?
In the past three to four years, we have had a problem with corruption inlaw enforcement, so people already don’t trust the government or high-ranking political officials. With a statement like Trump’s, it only gives reinforcement to an already existing train of thought.
Does he truly want citizens not trusting the people in charge of running this country? The distrust in our government, the closer we get to lashing out, which ends up equaling lost lives.
Saying that he could shoot somebody and not lose any votes made headlines across the world because it’s something people believe isn’t too far from the cold truth.
It revealed his true character in that moment, and words can never be taken back. He tarnished his image for any reasonable person. You just don’t say that, Mr. Trump.