Trump: A potentially frightening future

columnist rene de amaral.

I remember when Donald Trump first announced he was going to run for president.
With it brought internet memes, Saturday Night Live skits and talk-show hosts to comment on him and his potential presidency. To a lot of people, it was all a joke, but now Donald Trump is doing extremely well in the polls and people are starting to realize the threat he poses.

With all the outlandish, racist and sexist things he says, it’s ridiculous to think he appeals to so many Americans. The possibility of Trump becoming president is terrifying. Presidential candidates have always promised things while running, and often can’t deliver when they actually reach office.

According to the Office of the Clerk for the House of Representatives, the majority of the House of Representatives and Congress is Republican, meaning there’s a distinct possibility Donald Trump could do a lot of damage until it’stime to elect new senators.

June 26, 2015 was an iconic day for a large portion of America, as it was the daysame-sex marriage was legalized throughout the entire country. Now with it being legalized for less than a year, Donald Trump is considering placing different judges on the Supreme Court who could amend the decision on same-sex marriage.

Trump was interviewed on Fox News by anchor Chris Wallace back in January. During the interview, Wallace asked Trump if he would appoint new Supreme Court justices to “overrule the decision on same-sex marriage?” and Trump responded with “I would strongly consider that, yes.”

In addition to potentially negating years of same-sex marriage activism, Trump also voiced his intention to defund Planned Parenthood during the Republican debate held on Feb. 13 in South Carolina earlier this year, on a federal level, purely because of the “abortion factor.”
In the same instance he also defended Planned Parenthood stating “Millions and millions of women, cervical cancer, breast cancer, are helped by Planned Parenthood.” While it may seem unlikely he could do this, it’s actually quite possible. According to CNN, Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently signed a bill thatprohibits the state to contract health organizations that perform abortions.

Defunding Planned Parenthood would prevent women from making decisions about their own bodies and possibly lead to a spike of illegal abortions, which would affect the health of so many women, as they are often dangerous. Planned Parenthood offers so many other services aside from helping women with cervical cancer or breast cancer. Many Planned Parenthood health centers provide basic health care to adult women, men and teens, in addition to their sexual and reproductive health services.

Trump has said many scary things, such as building a wall on the border of Mexico (and then making Mexico pay for it), shutting down mosques, calling a portion of the press who portrays him negatively, “lying, thieving reporters,” spewing racist comments against Mexican-Americans and African-Americans, the list goes on and on with almost no end in sight.
Donald Trump could very easily be our next president. Ted Cruz may catch up, but Trump is doing extremely well. At this point, it’s naïve to think he’s harmless, and frankly, as each day passes, I grow a little more anxious.

He has absolutely no regard for women, the LGBTQ community, people of color or anyone else he feels are below him or don’t agree with him. Trump’s viewpoints only appeal to wealthy white men. Another important thing to remember is being a good business man does not equate to being a good president.

All I’m asking (pleading really), is that you, as a voter, genuinely look at every potential presidential candidate and look at who has your best interests in mind, and not one who could violate your rights in the years to come.