Release of JFK assassination files rekindles government conspiracies

Columnist Katie Haga

Columnist Katie Haga

Nov. 22, 1963 — a day that ignited various conspiracy theories and has produced countless books, documentaries, articles, reports, websites and even Hollywood films. 

John F. Kennedy’s assassination is debatably one of the most tragic events our nation has ever seen, but has also become the holy grail for conspiracy theorists. Was it an inside job? Were there multiple gunmen? Were mobsters responsible for his death? Cubans? 

It seemed like the public would never find out the truth behind the assassination – until President Donald  Trump ordered the release of more than 2,800 documents related to Kennedy’s death on Oct. 26. However, the CIA and FBI are still withholding thousands of additional files pending another six months of review, according to the New York Times.

Although the documents are incomplete, they suffice for those who have sought answers for half a century. 

The files presented to the public showed never seen, very juicy details to the murder of Kennedy – some details that seem almost too outrageous to be true. 

Talks of money offered up to assassinate Fidel Castro, sex parties including people such as Kennedy and Frank Sinatra Jr., a stripper named Kitty and even a call the FBI received about a death threat toward Lee Harvey Oswald the day before his murder.

Obviously the files do not feed into the several conspiracy theories; the government keeps to its story that Oswald acted alone and completed the assassination on his own.

However, according to a poll conducted by NBC news in 2013, more than 60 percent of Americans believed that Oswald did not act alone. And yet the juiciest file the government released had to do with Oswald and his participation, but to the public’s surprise, they cut the document off.

The records show a deposition given by Richard Helms, the former director of the CIA, in 1975. 

The conversation veers toward whether or not the CIA was involved in Kennedy’s killing, according to the Washington Post. Attorney David Belin asked, “Is there any information involved with the assassination of President Kennedy which in any way shows that Lee Harvey Oswald was in some way a CIA agent or agent…” and that was it.

For those who believe that the CIA was responsible for Kennedy’s assassination, this specific file could prove their theory is getting more realistic. 

Why else would the government not share that specific part with the public? Especially when it is such crucial information. What does the government not want us to know? What are they hiding?

With the cut off document and the thousands of other files that have yet to be released, there are still tons of questions that have gone unanswered, and who knows if they ever will be. 

The fact that the CIA and FBI are still withholding information from the public is a major red flag. 

It seems to me as if they’re hiding something; not to protect the country’s national security like they claim, but to protect the government and maybe cover-up what actually happened that afternoon in Dallas.