The changing media instills new priorities

In this day and age, people tend to put lots of unimportant or simple means before primary necessities in terms of the information they pay attention to. Much of the new generations tends to browse certain mainstream media sites to get news for certain things.

Many of the mainstream media powerhouses have changed the style of news that they bring to the table. This has turned out both good and bad. A lot of people also put Hollywood gossip news in front of regular local news. To follow the trends of its audience, a large chunk of news media has shifted from offering things like solely up-to-date traffic times to bringing up-to-date Kardashian antics.

Fox News, the well-known political newsgroup, has now begun offering a “wider range” of stories, one of them bringing the focus to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s private Boeing 747 travels. The article: “Kanye West, Kim Kardashian fly in private Boeing 747” by Andrea Romano includes multiple Instagram videos as well as several angry comments underneath. It was not the only article on Fox regarding the Boeing 747 flight as well. This might be a positive move for an organization like Fox News, which at one point everyone just considered mostly for political and international information.

CNN, another popular news outlet primarily political also, included a video online of this same story. However, there are other media news outlets which have covered and continue to cover Hollywood moments like this, which might suggest that Fox News wasting time and money reporting these certain stories.

It would seem that mass-media outlets have begun to meld together into one giant conglomerate of news stories across the board, ranging from predictions of the 2019 fiscal year to the three-thousand-pound Australian cow. If we did that, however, then it would only make sense that certain outlets dedicated to bringing Hollywood-only stories to viewers will lose value because naturally, the more politically-inclined audience will choose to use Fox or CNN to read the same story spun from a political angle. Whereas the political outlets will also lose value amongst their own audiences, because other websites that specialize in color and flashy lights and attention-grabbing can offer political information in a less-boring fashion. After all, most younger folk would likely rather watch a segment about Donald Trump or Barack Obama on E! News than on the regular political news channels.

Is this a sign that some things should just stay black and white? People don’t hire brick-layers to paint the house, just as they don’t (or, rather, shouldn’t) hire political specialists trained in properly analyzing markets, etc. to write an opinion piece that can be found on every other popular Hollywood news site and then some.

What is even more shocking is that in many articles written for the wrong outlets, the audience can learn a lot just through the comments alone. One comment on one of the Fox articles regarding the Kardashian-Boeing 747 movement mentioned the hypocrisy of donating half-a-million dollars to fire-relief while using a private jet which contributes greatly to environmental harm.

It would seem that the comments section—where the audience has a say in the matter—is truly the place where the real battles are fought. Here we as an audience can agree, disagree, fight, complain, shed light on issues, etc. without any obstacles. We can learn from each other in this space, where biases all come together.

Perhaps comment sections everywhere have been sparked due to this sudden amalgamation of political and Hollywood news . . . thus, the idea of the discussion forum has been created.