Prenuptials can bring to light trust issues in couples

With marriage comes the decision whether to get a prenuptial agreement with your spouse or not. Prenuptials are used to protect one’s finances and assets. Recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had an affair with Lauren Sanchez, and his wife, MacKenzie, will now become one of the richest women in the world. A prenuptial was very beneficial towards Bezos’ wife, but if the Amazon couple had agreed on no prenuptial, then MacKenzie would have left without any of their finances and assets. As the decision to get a prenuptial comes up in every relationship, there are always reasons behind each answer. 

The pros of a prenuptial could outweigh the cons, however each marriage is based on different morals. Inheritance rights make a huge impact, but the same could result in a loss when either spouse passes away. Once your spouse passes away after a prenuptial, the one still alive will have access to all finances and assets. While in the engagement stage, it is often too early to tell if there is a need for a prenuptial. This can scare the other one away before their wedding is even planned. 

The decision of a prenuptial should be available to all people, no matter the situation. This goes to show why some individuals go against it. When presenting the idea of a prenuptial to your loved one, it could cause a lack of trust. This concept sometimes refers to “planning a divorce before getting married,” according to the website Find Law. This situation creates a fear of not being close enough to the person you are going to marry. Another reason why individuals are against prenuptials is because it can become unbalanced, therefore if there was a divorce, one person would walk away with a majority of their life, while the other is left with nothing. There needs to be a balance to ensure the couple are both receiving the same amount from their belongings. 

Since divorce is ever so common, and according to the American Psychological Association, is up to 50 percent, it becomes hard to agree if a prenuptial is right for your relationship or not. Some couples decide to go against a prenuptial because of fearing their significant other won’t trust them.

Some men are like Hugh Hefner who have many girlfriends they are seriously involved with. Although Hefner did marry some, a prenuptial was not very likely as he constantly kept all his money and fortune. Without a prenup, women can be easily taken advantage of. Since Bezos has ruined his marriage, left his wife brokenhearted and destroyed his reputation, MacKenzie deserves all of the money she will be given. He can continue seeing the woman he chose over his wife, regardless of the impact of his affair on his career or personal life.