Young people face difficulty in modern generation

The pressures on Millennials are harder than past generations because of the negative stereotypes surrounding them. One pressure they face is to stay in a job at a company that seemingly doesn’t care about them. Employers want to keep employees to build loyalty and trust in the company, but quickly replace employees when they leave. Very few Milennial employees feel an attachment to their employer because their 401k retirement plan enables them to hop around from job to job in different companies when offered a raise.

Recently, Facebook has been taking note for a while about employee loyalty and will honor their employees who stay with them a paid vacation. This an incentive like so, many employees would stay with a perk like this.

NBCNews stated, “Social media giant Facebook has been offering its ‘Recharge’ program since 2015: It is a 30-day period (the days have to be continuous, but do not have to be taken right at the five-year mark) which staffers can use as an “uninterrupted break to refuel and relax,” said Tudor Havriliuc, Facebook’s vice president of compensation, benefits and global mobility.”

Financial debt is a pressure that most employees face due to student loans. Student loans and its interest can rack up on your monthly dues rather quickly. So before even getting a job, you’re already owning thousands to your university, but what many people continue to do is spend their income once they get a job and have a hard time budging and saving. Millennials are buying the latest and greatest technology, including cars, rather than saving and paying off their dues. Although they feel pressures, they should not add to it by a lack of financial budgeting.

“At the present time, the average American household with student debt owes about $49,000,” according to Forbes. “Graduates in their twenties spend more than $350 per month, on average, on student loan payments and interest.”

Millennials must understand their finances and to disconnect from the crowd. They should not be buying the newest phones every year, staying up with the trends or the latest car and should be paying close attention to their savings and retirement funds.

Lastly, the pressure to live up to certain beauty standards stems from social media and affect the hiring process in the job market. Many millennials now are faced with the most beautiful women on our social media feeds that the average woman must make altercations to their appearances would to stand out. Lip filler and line filler are some of many procedures that millennials are getting.

According to CBSNews, “Frequently people are looking to be more competitive...they want to be able to compete with their own generation and also older people, so they are getting either minor or major procedures to give them an advantage in the workforce,” Long Island-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg, who treated Mysel, said.

Millennials must focus on building on their own self-worth and positive mindset to avoid any pressures they face. Having a financial plan, remaining loyal to a company and having confidence in your appearance will take away stress and ultimately build a healthier lifestyle.