'Date My Grandma' isn’t your typical reality dating series

How odd that we waste away our lives as we watch others live theirs via a boxed screen glued to our wall.

    It truly is the most interesting time to be alive—we tend to swamp ourselves in mindless garbage and cynically bogus reality television. We tend to view material that does know good for the betterment of our knowledge. We know that most of what we see is staged, and we know that just about everything is sold for our dreamy pleasure, yet we choose to cooperate.

    What’s interesting is that AARP Studios provides us with a vastly different approach to television than the abundance of crap we brainwash ourselves with. The studio is committed to embracing passionate stories and interesting challenges and successes. A variety of rich and truthful content comes of it and material is distributed across multiple media platforms including film, television, digital and social media.

    Humans hold a sweet spot in their gut for fantastical portrayals of dating scenarios televised in order to satisfy a viewer’s quench for sex, drama, and possibility. In fact, most doses of reality tv are far too silly to the taste. Foreign and refreshing—AARP new six-episode series Date My Grandma proves to be cuter than your average propagandistic reality dating experience.

    It’s almost too easy to poke fun at the extremities studios take to provide ridiculous entertainment value—there really isn’t one topic you can’t find on television. Dating Naked or fan favorite, Bachelor, seem to stir up the most attention when it comes to remote relationship presentation and dim witted thought process amidst the characters. It seems like no one ever makes the right choices, but let’s be real, Date My Grandma sounds equally as hysterical; however this tv-show does bring an authentic quality to the table.

    The six-episode series, Date My Grandma, portrays grandchildren interviewing potential life-partners for their grandparents, putting the wooers to the test by asking them a myriad of questions like “Do you exercise?” and “Have you saved up for retirement?” (Some even make them show off their dancing skills.) What is interesting is that it seems entirely surface level, but the audience is led to believe that a dream is made a reality, and often times it is. A recent AARP study showed that “56 percent of single grandparents are either dating or open to it.” However, dating isn't restricted to the commitment of marriage—“12 percent are searching for a life time spouse, while just about a quarter are searching for a partner, and 36 percent are simply looking for amity.” The show really doesn’t stand equally with the mass amounts of reality dating shows out there today. Date My Grandma doesn’t solidify its female recruitment process based on physical appearance, and doesn’t sensationalize provocative innuendo. It truly does focus on the romance, passion, and human conversation of 50+ year old individuals.

    Date My Grandma celebrates family oriented stories, romantic messages, and represent that of accuracy and authenticity. Date My Grandma displays the notion that meeting and interacting with new people and staying connected with individuals is crucial to one's physical and mental health.

    It’s about time reality television series make created something beneficial to the viewer. It is about time reality television lived to suggest positive influence and authentic balance. Date My Grandma takes a chance on something more audience oriented. It connects generational dots and shares a more positive and impactful message: love.