Edgework Entertainment's Saturdazed

Watch our video recap of the SATURDAZED event featuring Shwayze, Radical Something & New Beat Fund.

     Saturdazed, the day festival curated by Sonoma State University senior Adam Loria and his Edgework Entertainment team, kicked off with an opening set by New Beat Fund, followed by Radical Something and finally, Shwayze.

     The event was held at the Sonoma Mountain Village Event Center on Saturday, May 9 and featured multiple food stands, a beer garden, student art displays and henna tattoo stand. A few food choices included tacos or burritos from a taco truck, BBQ Smokehouse Bistro, Frozen Art ice-cream and Shoubu Japanese Bistro, which offered sushi burritos.

     At 1 p.m. there was minimal attendance but as time went on the outdoor venue was filled with people of all ages either lounging in the grass or dancing in the crowd by the stage. The event exuded a similar energy to one found at major music festivals. People were getting henna tattoos, enjoying food and beer at the beer garden.

    The festival ended after Shwayze’s performance at around 6:30 p.m. Watch our video coverage of the festival and see what the attendees had to say about Saturdazed. 

What people are saying!

Top right:  Hunter Neely: “Honestly, I just came to have fun. I just sort of showed up.”

Top left:  Left: Ashley Seja  Right: Cheyanne Davis, “New Beat Fund, they’re hot as f*ck and they touched my hands.”

Middle left:  Lissette C. : “I really liked that everyone was energetic, we should keep doing this.”

Bottom left:  New Beat Fund singer Bernie Baker:  “I feel like everybody’s chill, there’s a lot of babes here so I cannot complain one bit, but everyone seems really cool I love Norcal [Northern California],” said Baker. “I am excited to see Shwayze.”

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