Lacrosse gets the ‘W’

The Seawolves came away with a victory against a not-so familiar opponent this weekend. The opponent was Simon Fraser University, a public school with around 35,000 students located in Burnaby, Canada.  Burnaby is a city located about 10 miles from Vancouver, about a 15 hour-long bus ride from Sonoma State University.  SFU and SSU are both members of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association, but they compete in different leagues.  The SFU Clansmen have a history of being a tough opponent after being top in their division every year since 2008.  But on Friday, the Seawolves came away with an 11 to 9 victory over SFU.

Faceoff started around 3:30 p.m. Friday, and it didn’t take long for the scoring to start as SFU took a quick 2-0 lead. Shortly after, No. 46, sophomore Connor Chanault responded with a big goal that started the scoring off for the Seawolves. From there on, the Seawolves seemed to take control of the game, despite the physicality of the SFU defense, with an 8-3 lead going into the half. Senior Connor Kuehnle and junior Brad Bochesa provided four of the first half goals, with a pair each.  

The SFU team was most likely distracted by the noise and shouting from the Seawolf fans, who stood on the sideline throughout the game and congratulated the team after the win.  Junior Michael Tomita scored the lone goal of the third quarter for the Seawolves, putting the Seawolves up 9-5 going into the final quarter. In the fourth quarter, SFU started a small comeback as they tightened the game to 10-8. The SSU crowd kept their enthusiasm and drew laughter from spectators with a “back, back, back,” chant after the referee had motioned to move away from the sideline.

With not much time left, two goals by senior Blane Sando, and a big hit by junior Zach Swinford capped the win for the Seawolves.

After the game, coach Matt D’Angelo talked about the team’s plans and what he saw in the scrimmage. “We wanted to see where we were as a team…see how we played,” said D’Angelo.  “Especially the freshman, to see how they actually played in a game against a good opponent in Simon Fraser.”

A couple of Seawolf players also commented on the keys to victory over Simon Fraser. “We really had to contain their craftiness I think…they’re from Canada so they play a little bit different than us…we just had to have solid [defense],” said freshman Gio Rico.  “They hit us a lot…they didn’t switch hands a lot…we’d slide one way thinking they’d switch hands and they wouldn’t.”

Junior Cameron Revere also mentioned the different style of play from the Canadian opponent. 

“Key to the victory was probably just playing hard,” said Revere. “They came out tough…they’re Canadian so they like to hit each other or hit us at least.”

The win marks the Seawolves’ third in as many scrimmages so far in their solid start.  For those interested in keeping up with the team and following their season, visit their website and Facebook page.  Home games are located at the old football field and are free for students to attend as this 2014-15 season is just getting started.