Club volleyball vanquishes Chico

With the season taking off this semester, the women’s club volleyball team’s first home tournament arrived Sunday, Jan. 26. The Seawolves conquered against the Chico State women’s club volleyball team with a final score of 3-2. The first of five games played in Sunday’s tournament started off with Chico making the first serve. 

The Seawolves, eager to receive the ball, made it known that they were ready to win as they forcefully hit the ball back and forth with the Wildcats. Pleasing the crowd, the Seawolves ended the first game with a close score of 25-21. Preparing for the second round-up, the Seawolves took the serve. With a defeat in the first game, the Wildcats made a comeback with a 25-19 win over the Seawolves in the second game. 

The Seawolves and the Wildcats were tied; both teams shook out the nerves for the third game on the Wildcats serve. As the game was heating up and the girls were rushing around on the court, one of the Seawolves, Nicole Kielty, was injured in the middle of the game. On the floor with her team surrounding her, she rose up and was assisted off the court with a large crowd cheering her on. With this motivation the Seawolves ended the game with a 25-18 score. 

The fourth game down, the Wildcats came back yet again with a victory of 25-22 over the Seawolves. With the pressure on, having a strong home court advantage the fans stomped their feet and yelled for the girls, giving the Seawolves the courage to beat the Wildcats as they intended to do. The deciding game was ended by the Seawolves scoring 15-13 over the Wildcats. Page Hawkins scored the winning point.

The Seawolves played a good tournament that was entertaining and emotional throughout each game. However, being a back and forth match between the teams, some of the players were slightly displeased by not keeping a thorough defeat throughout the tournament. 

 “I didn’t like that we went to five, I think that we could have taken them down way before,” said teammate Florencia Hasson.  “This was sort of our first real game and we just need to learn how to play together and communicate more. There were a lot of emotions involved.” 

The team started off a strong season with a home win against one of our rival schools gives the team, as well as the fans, hope that the rest of the season will be just as strong as the game performance on Sunday.