Seawolf Stadium needs funding

Sonoma State University is considered a fairly small campus and one that can easily be walked within ten or fifteen minutes. It is not until you visit the outer corners of campus, that you realize that it does take slightly longer to get everywhere around campus. From Cabernet village to the Green Music Center or to the Seawolf Stadium, this campus has more on its outskirts than meets the eye.

With that said, many students may be unaware of the Seawolf track and stadium that exists behind Beaujolais village in the southeastern corner of campus.  

Though the track may be hard to locate while walking and is seemingly out of the way from the rest of campus, it is still utilized by both the Women’s Cross Country team and the Sonoma State Track and Field club.  

Questions have surfaced on whether the track will be refurbished or even demolished in the near future. This is a difficult question to answer because though it may not be used by as many organizations on campus as it was in the past, it is still a staple monument on our campus. Also, if the track was to be rebuilt where would the funding come from?

The answer to this question of funding is similar to that of how the Green Music Center was funded; by private donors. If the track was to be updated, demolished or improved at this point in time, the funding would have to come from private donors, those of which are not present at this time. 

Bill Fusco, senior director of collegiate athletics said [refurbishing the track], “We would be interested in making that happen, but the funding would have to come from private donors.” 

Besides being used by the Track and Field Club and the Cross Country club, many clubs and organizations use the track and stadium for sports practices, games and recreational purposes. The track does still hold relevance on campus to the athletics department and club organizations, just not quite as much as it has in the past.  

Despite speculation and question of whether the Seawolf Stadium and Track will be demolished or rebuilt in the future, currently there are no plans for either. The Athletic Department would be interested in making changes to the track and stadium if the desired funding and resources became available to campus.