Roller Hockey Club: Campus hidden gem

Trained all semester long, putting in countless hours in the gym, track and on the rink. Teammates are pumped up. Lacing up their skates in anticipation for the epic battle that’s about to happen. It’s game time. 

Sonoma State University is home to many sport clubs and teams, however one club remains largely unknown. The Sonoma State Roller Hockey Club’s mission is to bring roller hockey to as many people as possible; no matter how much experience they have in the sport. The team currently has 16 members ranging from all skill levels and ages. 

Marco Lobbia, vice president of the Roller Hockey Club, said, “If you’re new, or if you have played for 10 years, we encourage anyone who is interested to come out and play. Just commit to the team and show up to practices with enthusiasm.” 

Each player must supply their own equipment, which includes a helmet, hockey stick, gloves, shin and elbow pads and skates. 

“Don’t be hesitant to get in contact with us, come out to a practice and try it out,” said Junior Alex Shearin. “We had almost all of our 16 guys and girls come out to the first practice and were able to run drills and have a good time.”

The team practices two times per week. The first is a dry land practice, which includes sprints, chin-ups, pushups and hill runs on Fridays at 3 p.m. at the track. The other practice is held on an outdoor sport court in Santa Rosa on Saturdays at 1 p.m., where players hone in passing, shooting and skating skills. 

Lobbia said, “It’s a really awesome opportunity to play on a college team, it may not be NCAA, but we still have a lot of fun and play in several big games and tournaments throughout the season.”  

The team competes in the Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League and are also a Division II team. The season goes from October through March. The first tournament is scheduled in San Jose in late October. Due to the fact that there isn’t a local indoor rink, the team must travel to other locations such as San Jose and as far away as Arizona.

“We have some opportunities to travel to places like Arizona, Santa Barbra and Chico. It’ll be a great bonding experience for the team to go on road trips and play some other good teams,” said Shearin. 

Sophomore and goalie for the team, Chase Watson, said, “I’m looking forward to playing in the San Jose tournament because that is my home town, it’ll be awesome to go back home and be able to play in front of my family.” 

Lobbia said that many people don’t know about the club because, “We don’t have any games on campus. That makes it hard for people to come and watch because of the far away places we have to travel to in order to play. But we encourage everyone to come to our games and support their fellow Seawolves as they take on rival schools like Chico.” 

The team has doubled in size this semester and is always looking to add new players for future semesters. For more information about the Roller Hockey Club and where games are held, contact Lobbia at