Volleyball season preview

Even though the Women’s Volleyball conference doesn’t start until Sept. 20, it doesn’t mean that they are sitting back until that time.  Between Sept. 6 and the 14 they will be playing eight games in two different tournaments, and tough ones at that. Five of the eight teams are from their region and of those, two of them the Seawolves played in last year’s post season.  

 “We have scheduled preseason ambitiously this year...we need to be playing top level teams so that we can be prepared to play these top level teams once conference begins,” said coach Bear Grassl.

Besides one junior, who will now be switching between middle blocker and pin hitter, and perhaps a freshman coming into an open position, most of the players are returning to their same positions. This means that there will be a multi year contributor covering nearly every position.  

“We play basically nine players, so that means only one out of nine players haven’t been a starter before,” said Grassl. 

This is big as this year their playing style will be much different. Without giving too much away he said that in volleyball there are set styles of play that people are very tied to, and that this year the team is trying to pull away from that and create a different plan defensively as well as in controlled situations so that against different styles they can still be victorious.  

“Even seniors are having to learn new concepts. For years we have had a system and we have played it well, and this year we have made a more elaborate plan to see if we can get more against certain style of opponents,” said Grassl. 

He says even though only time can tell if this new style is working. 

“We look solid in practice, we have lots of experienced players, they work hard, and are very bright,” said Grassl.

To go and see a preseason game Sonoma State University is hosting their yearly tournament, the Seawolf Spike, on Sept. 13 and 14.  Their first game will be on Friday, Sept. 13 at 1:30 p.m.