Women’s basketball falls to Menlo, San Francisco

Junior center Hannah Sourek had 23 points over the weekend but The Seawolves dropped their season opener against Menlo and weren’t able to bounce back in their final exhibition game against the Division I University of San Francisco. 

In the midst of the men’s basketball tournament, the women’s team was able to get a game in on Saturday against Menlo (46-54). 

SSU was the first on the board with two free throws by Sourek, but the Oaks of Menlo College gained the lead and took control of the game just under three minutes into the game. After getting seven points behind, the Seawolves only saw the lead twice though they tied the game up several times. The Seawolves would end the half one point ahead of the Oaks.

The first points in the second half didn’t occur until three minutes into the game, but the Seawolves held the lead for the first eight minutes of the period. 

Unfortunately for Sonoma, Menlo would hold onto the lead to the end of the game and at one point led by 10. From there, the Seawolves would only come within six points, never seeing the better end of it. 

“Going into a game when our opponent is undefeated makes up push much harder,” said Sourek. “We are all extremely competitive and no matter what we are going to do anything on power to win.”

In addition to Sourek’s 12 points, junior Taylor Acosta and freshman Madison Burroughs added eight a piece. Off the bench, freshman Molly Donovan and junior Molly Robledo combined for 12 points in Saturday’s game. 

The next day, SSU traveled to San Francisco to take on USF, but fell 42-83 to the Dons on Sunday. 

For the first eight minutes of the game, the Seawolves held their own against the Division I team, only trailing once due to the first points of the game. Nine of Sonoma’s first 13 points came from three pointers by Sourek, Tanner Adams and Molly Kommer. 

Shortly after, the Dons tied the score at 13 before running away with the lead, gaining as many as 19 points above the Seawolves before halftime. 

Within four minutes of the second half, USF was the only team to put up points, eventually gaining a 30 point lead. SSU attempted to chip away on two Donovan free throws and a layup but to no prevail.

“Our intensity level was much higher on Sunday,” said Donovan. “We played great defense in both games, however we were lacking on offense.”

The Seawolves had 14 points in the second half, compared to USF’s 37. Sourek and Donovan ended the game with 11 points, while four players from the bench added a total of 14 points. SSU shot 26.3 percent on 57 attempts and had five total three-point field goals. The Seawolves were successful on 70 percent of their free throw attempts. 

“We are learning from our mistakes,” said Sourek. “We are a very young team and we are learning how to play with each other. Mistakes are going to come.”

Sonoma State will travel to Oakland to take on Holy Names on Thursday at 7 p.m. for a non conference game, before playing their last non conference game before conference play against Dominican University the following week.