Men’s basketball reunion

This past Saturday the Wolves’ Den was home to an annual scrimmage game between the current men’s basketball roster and a group of returning alumni.  It was also a gathering for friends and family of both teams who were there for the action, all watching from the same set of bleachers.

“Best it’s ever been.  Best turnout we’ve had ever,” said Associate Head Basketball Coach Rich Shayewitz.

The game was played with 12-minute quarters and a running clock with no score kept.

In the early minutes of the game, junior guard David Ahern dished out a few passes that led to scores for the current team.  One of the assists was on a fast break, leading to a score for senior guard/forward JJ Mina.  Substitutions of five guys for each side were made about halfway through each quarter.  Most of the first quarter scoring for the alumni came on a few scattered three-pointers.  Junior guard Andy Mitchell continued the first quarter scoring for the current team with a long two-pointer.  Following that, senior guard Zen Maki added on a three-pointer and a deep two.  The first quarter finished off with sophomore forward and center Nathan Molony-Benjamin grabbing a rebound and going back up for a one-handed slam.

Throughout the game, the alumni bench shared a lot of chatter, jokes and smiles.  Some guys hung around the bench enjoying the time to play a bit and also reunite with teammates from their playing days.  A couple minutes into the second quarter, junior guard James Davis hit a three-pointer from the top of the arc.  Shortly after, the alumni bench jumped up and got loud after a no-call from the referee on what could’ve been called a charge.  Further into the game, Head Coach Pat Fuscaldo also kept spirits light when he jokingly offered his glasses to an alumni player who had just overthrown a pass.

The action resumed in the second half with a one-handed slam on the baseline from Nathan Molony-Benjamin to start the third quarter.  Both of Benjamin’s dunks brought his teammates to their feet.  Another scoring play came on a big fastbreak slam by recent alum and member of last year’s team, Justin Herold.

“It’s always good linking back up with these people,” said Sterling Arterberry.  “Favorite play was watching Justin’s dunk.”  

Arterberry graduated last May and was teammates with Herold for the last few years.

Deep in the third quarter, David Ahern finished on a baseline layup, followed by a couple of fastbreak scores from Andy Mitchell.  The third quarter finished with an alumni half-court shot that caused the whole place to go wild.

Both James Davis and Andy Mitchell made a three-pointer in the fourth quarter.  No. 13, Topher Taylor also contributed with a finger roll finish on a layup.  The fourth quarter wrapped up with an alumni buzzer-beater three-pointer and cheers from the crowd and both benches.

Two of the alumni, Anthony James and Derek Bell played in the 90s.  James played until 1997 and Bell 1991.  

 “They’re quick,” said James, “they can shoot,” said Bell.

After the game they had been asked what they thought of the current team.  If this is any indication for the season, it sounds like the team will have an exciting one coming up.  

The Seawolves’ are scheduled to play at Pacific University this Saturday in Stockton.  Starting on Nov. 14 in the Wolves’ Den will be the opening of the Ron Logsdon Basketball Classic.  The first game is Friday afternoon but the Seawolves are set to play Friday night against Alaska Anchorage and Saturday night versus Pacific Union.