Women’s drop two against league opponents

The women’s basketball team stayed at home this weekend to play in two games. Both games ended with a loss to Cal State San Bernardino on Friday and Humboldt State on Saturday.  

The Seawolves had a 1-2 record going into the weekend series, but now have dropped two more games to send their record to 1-4 along with their California Collegiate Athletic Association record of 0-2.  

The Coyotes maintained the lead throughout the game.  In the first half, Sonoma State managed to keep it close for a majority of the time. With the score of 28-24 and the Seawolves down, they allowed a 12-2 San Bernardino run to end the half and leave them trailing 40-26 going into the break.  

The Coyotes scored the first seven points of the second half.  They were up by 25 points with just under 14 minutes left in the game with a score of 56-31.  The Seawolves made a run of their own scoring six unanswered points and cutting the lead within 20.  

The score was 67-52 after a made jumper by Seawolf Hannah Sourek with just under four minutes remaining.  The shot would be the last made by Sonoma State as the game would end 70-52 with the Coyotes advancing to 1-0 in their league record.  

“They were a lot bigger than us. A lot of our shots got blocked and anytime we missed they got the rebound,” said Tanner Adams.  The Seawolves shot 22 for 60 and were beat in rebounds, steals, and blocks.  

The Seawolves had to let this one go and look forward to Humboldt State the following night.

Humboldt State traveled down to meet the Seawolves on Saturday night in what would be Sonoma State’s second league game.  

The first half was close with Sonoma claiming the lead three different times and the momentum going back and forth.  The Seawolves were up 21-17, but ended the half 31-26.  

Sonoma trailed by only four points with just under 17 minutes left but that was the closest they would get again as the Coyotes increased their lead.  The game ended 61-49 with the Seawolves dropping their conference record to 0-2 to start.  

Sonoma State shot 33 percent while the Lumberjacks shot 35 percent.  Hannah Sourek went 8 for 12 with a team-leading 18 points on the night.  Jonae Gonzales led the team with seven rebounds and five assists.  

“We weren’t executing our plays right.  We lacked communication on defense.  We just need to work on finishing and getting rebounds,” said Gonzales.  Two Coyote players had 15 points and one had 20 rebounds.  

“They have five seniors in their top six. We have five freshmen in our top six,” said Head Coach Mark Rigby.  “We’re dealing with a situation where we’re undermanned right now and we’re dealing with youngsters trying to learn how to play at the college level and that is sometimes a very difficult lesson to learn.”

The women’s basketball team will play in San Francisco this Friday versus the SF State Gators. Tipoff is scheduled for 6 p.m.  The game will be televised on Comcast Hometown Network.