Lacrosse drops two in weekend play-offs

The Lacrosse Sports Club has triumphed this season with hard work, motivation, and dedication. They started off with a strong season when they came out with a win against the fourth ranked team, Chapman University. This game was their strongest game of the season where senior, Mason Guild, broke his collar bone and was out for the rest of the game, as well as the entire season until play-offs. The rest of the team gave it all they had to be able to win the game for Guild. 

“When Mason got hurt our team came together. We won that game for him and we became a unit that dominated together for the rest of the season,” said senior Alex Linder. “It gave us the momentum that got us to the play-offs.”

A majority of the team this year was new comers, fifteen freshmen, and the starters of the team were first-time starters. They bond they created and the dedication they continued to put forth towards the game made them a strong team. 

“The amount of growth and success we had was really impressive with the younger kids on the team this year,” said Guild. “The other seniors and I instilled a good work ethic in them and showed them what the club is all about. There are a lot of good things to come from this team for the future.” 

The rewarding season they had this year took them to the play-offs on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday May 4. It was a two-day championship in Novato between Sonoma State and Cal Berkley, and Stanford and Cal Poly San Louis Obispo on the first day, where the two winning teams played each other for the championship on the second day. Unfortunately, Sonoma State fell short in the last minute of the game against Cal Berkley. Going into the fourth quarter they were tied but Sonoma State had a turnover that allowed Cal Berkley to score again.

“We couldn’t possess the ball on offense when we needed to. Our transition game was really good and our defense held it down for the most part but our defense didn’t slide right, we weren’t really doing a good job at that. We could have had a little bit more of execution,” said Guild. 

At the end of the game they were down by one point and got the ball back in attempt to score a goal to put the game into overtime, but they hit the post and the game ended with a score of 8-7, Cal Berkley taking the win. Sonoma State wasn’t able to progress to the second day of play-offs. 

“We played with passion and heart but may not have played as composed as we should have. We made mistakes and couldn’t close out the game,” said sophomore Brad Bochesa. “It’s a bummer to not make it to the second day of play-offs but it’s a lot worse to know that I won’t be able to play again with the seniors that are graduating. I have spent two seasons with them and I will miss my brothers tremendously.”

Although the Lacrosse team was unable to end their season winning the play-offs, they were grateful that they made it. The season they had this year isn’t reflected upon the loss of their final game, however it is reflected upon the hours of practice and work ethic on and off the field that each team member provided throughout the year. With only three seniors graduating, the rest of the team will have more time to work with one another and to progress even further next year to make it to Nationals.