Current, former Seawolves face off in Alumni game

The men’s soccer team headed out to the Seawolf soccer field on Aug. 24 to take on the former wearers of the navy and Columbia blue. 

Sunday was the team’s first scrimmage at home this season and, although they faced the alumni, it was anything but an easy win. The SSU alumni made it clear that they were not going down quietly. 

Both defenses started off strong, allowing no goals until the end of the first half of the match. It was then when the Seawolves’ offense emerged and the alumni had a hard time keeping up. 

The alumni were able to score two goals during the game but could not stop juniors Dylan Strafford and Brenton Frame and sophomores Armando Coronel and Raspreet Sandhu from making their shots. 

“We tried to cheat,” alumni John Sayre, a previous forward for the Cossacks between the seasons of 1999-2001, jokingly admitted. “But it didn’t work out.”

It remained a high-intensity game from the first minute to the last but, in the end, the victory went to the current men’s soccer team by a final score of 4-2.

It was goalkeeper Dave Kaufman’s (1989-1991) first SSU alumni game since 2008. After a six year absence, Kaufman came back for the opportunity to play with his old college teammates and to see one of his past players, freshman goalkeeper Mitch North, in his former colors. 

“I am just kind of at that point in my life where I have missed these events because of coaching,” admitted Kaufman. “You don’t get to step back in the time machine too often.” He certainly made the most out of his debut. He had two impressive, diving saves which kept the alumni close in the game. 

Kaufman is currently serving as head coach for South Medford High School in Medford, Oregon.

As for our men’s team, it was certainly an impressive outing—hopefully a first look at a great season to come. Senior Zanin Mahic seemed to think so. “This is probably the best squad we’ve had in a really long time,” Mahic revealed. 

Although it was just a friendly scrimmage, the team believed that it was still a good way to prep for upcoming matches. “We are building toward our season,” said Mahic. “Definitely was a good barometer… Should be an exciting year.”

The Seawolves will travel to Oakland to scrimmage Holy Names on Friday before starting their regular season the following week. Their first home game will be on Sept. 11, where they will take on the Lancers of Cal Baptist.