Player Profile: Eduardo Sanabria

Eduardo Sanabria is a sophomore at Sonoma State University. Something that makes him stand out is that he is a member of the Sonoma State Sapphires. Sanabria’s soul involvement on this campus is with the dance team and his dedication is an asset to the rest of the team.

Sanabria began dancing almost five years ago. He went to a high school in San Jose that focused on visual and performing arts. Instead of taking a normally required physical education class, he decided to take dance instead and immediately fell in love with it. He has been dancing ever since continuing throughout his college career.

“It’s really exciting. I really like performing at all of the basketball games and competing at nationals because it helps us grow as dancers and as people,” said Sanabria.

Sanabria has been a part of the Sonoma State University dance team for two years. During high school he was only a part of a dance team for one year and he loves the idea of being able to grow within a team for more time than that. He feels that this year his team is very close and supportive.

“I think we work really well. There’s definitely days when a few people aren’t performing to their best but in the end we always encourage each other,” said Sanabria. “We know that everyone has something going on, like they are tired, or sore, or injured, and we try and help that person feel like they are doing well and that they are not actually hurting the team.”

Carissa Pinnix, one of Sanabria’s teammates, has been dancing with him for almost two years. Pinnix agrees that the dance team is a very close-knit group of people. 

“Our team is growing, which makes us a lot stronger. We all work really hard and constantly are supporting and pushing each other to better dancers,” said Pinnix. “We are also very comfortable and open with each other. I realize now how awesome it is to be so close with your teammates. It’s a great feeling!”

As a teammate, Pinnix describes Sanabria as an individual with a positive attitude and a hard worker. She says he has the ability to lift the team’s spirits and is always joking and making them laugh when spirits are low. 

“Eduardo brings energy which is something that any team strives for. He has the contagious type of energy that makes everyone happy and in a good mood to work,” said Pinnix. 

Jenna Connolly, one of the Sonoma State University dance team coaches, has been coaching Sanabria for one year and was a teammate of his for one year before. Connolly thinks of Sanabria as an integral part of the team.

“He is definitely a hard worker. One of his best qualities is his passion for dance. His passion has made him so talented,” said Connolly. “All of his Instagram photos are of him dancing and it shows that he is 100 percent committed to dance.”

Connolly believes that the team is much stronger this year than years past. She says that one of their strengths this year has been communication and bonding as a team. 

“We’ve had some ups and downs this year but we’ve become more bonded as a result. We have had some people get injured, but I say whatever kills you makes you stronger and we’ve grown closer and stronger as a team. It’s been a really good year full of learning experiences.”

This March the team will travel to Anaheim for competition and will return after to present the Spring Dance Show coming at the end of April.