Getting involved with Intramurals

The Sonoma State Intramural Sports program is perfect for students who are interested in sports, but maybe other parts of their lives get in the way. By involving yourself in an intramural sport, you can create your own team and play on your own time, all while indulging in friendly competition with your fellow SSU students. 

The website for the SSU campus recreation center says: “Intramural Sport programs connect students to the campus community and each other by creating memories through diverse sporting and recreational events that promote fair play, sportsmanship, relationships, and lifelong activity in a safe environment.”

Season one of the Fall 2014 intramurals schedule is already under way, but sign up dates for season two begin in Oct., offering teams slots for volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and indoor soccer. Each team has the opportunity to play in four or five games per season. All the games are held in the recreation center in the McKinley and Everest gyms.

Competing teams can even select to play in a “Pros” league or a “Joes” league, where the Pros are more competitive and designed for students who have previous experience in the sport, and Joes are primarily focused on having fun and experiencing the joy of the sport.

Convinced yet? Here is how you start enjoying the competitive and physical fun. First, download the Sign-Up sheet and Assumption of Risk form from the SSU intramurals website, or stop by the Recreation center and grab an entry form at the kiosk. Then, visit, select Sonoma State and create your account. 

Enter your team information, choose the days and times your team wants to play, and sign the rest of your teammates up. Next, make the required payment for your team at the front desk of the recreation center and attend the scheduled manager meeting for your sport and you’re ready for play!

Also, check out the SSU intramurals website: for more information on their policies, schedules for play and common FAQs.