Seawolf rugby crushes Cal State Maritime

The sun shone brightly down on the Beaujolais fields on Saturday afternoon as Sonoma State’s rugby team squared off against Cal Maritime Academy.  It was a hot, rough, and physical match-up that had the crowd pumped along with the players.  The game ended with a final score of 41-21 with the Seawolves getting a big win.  

The two teams had met prior to this year.  Last year, Cal Maritime defeated the Seawolves in a heartbreaking match and the Seawolves knew they couldn’t give up a loss to them again.  The first half opened up and the players were hitting hard.  Sonoma State scored the first try that was touched down by Tre Jones, which put the Seawolves up 5-0.  A missed extra point held them back from being up by seven points. Cal Maritime struck back quickly scoring twice in a row and putting them up 14-5.  

The first half was closing up and the Seawolves got it together.  They managed to score a try before halftime and made the extra points on the kick right after to bring the game to 14-12 with Cal Maritime up by two points.  The try was scored by Louis Davis and brought hope to SSU before the half ended.  

The team got together and pumped each other up.  They seemed determined to do all they could to pull this game off and hold down their home field.  Consecutive Seawolf scores brought them up big. The first score brought them up 19-14, with SSU in the lead for the second time in the game.  They powered in the first try of the second half and continued to do just that. 

Second-half tries were scored by Jake Kuluris, Louis Davis, Joey Camicia, Tommy Porter, and Declaran Maher. Davis dashed down the left side of the field and ended up dead center as he slammed the ball down for a successful try. It was his second try of the game and had the crowd ecstatic for the remainder of the game.  

“We’re a very tough team,” said Davis. We practice hard all throughout the week. “We always think of each other as family, and as one unit together. And as long as I know they’re behind me we’ll be undefeated no matter what.”  

Sonoma’s defense played a key role in the second half comeback allowing Cal Maritime to only score one try throughout the entire 40 minutes.  The team held up and didn’t stop attacking back ending with a victory 41-21.  

SSU Rugby had a lot going into this one match.  Much was on the line on the day of their first home game.  It was revenge on Cal Maritime for the prior year’s loss and playoff stakes at risk.  

“We knew they were gonna come out strong, so we were getting ready all week,” said Sonoma State player Tommy Porter.  “That second half was pretty much our season.  Just knowing that and having everyone cheer us on ... it was a big day.”  

SSU came up on a big win over Cal Maritime by 20 points, shutting down their opponent to just seven points in the entire second half.  The team all around put up big numbers and even played with a man down at one point due to injury.  

“Today was like revenge for us,” said coach Nas. “Now we see the light.”  

The rugby team is excited to move on from this win and is excited that they came up on a big “W” over Cal Maritime Academy.  

There’s much more to come as the spring season moves on, there is no resting now.  SSU rugby is a heated team with talent and looks to continue their crusade towards reaching nationals.