Lady Seawolves split weekend series

The women’s basketball team kicked off the weekend during Friday night against Cal Poly Ponoma, the 14th ranked team in the nation. Friday was also host to the Seawolves’ annual “Pink Out” where the team wore pink in support of breast cancer awareness. The Seawolves held their own throughout the game but lost some mental stability in the last half, leaving the Broncos to defeat the Seawolves with a score of 74-64.

Seawolves took the rebound in the first half allowing sophomore Molly Kommer to score two points for the Seawolves to take the lead. Just a minute later the Broncos scored two points tying the game and consistently scored two points each time they got the ball ,while the Seawolves were still at two points total. 

Sophomore Tanner Adams scored a three-pointer and put the score 5-6 giving the Seawolves some hope to take the Broncos down. The first half continued neck and neck between the teams, with the Seawolves’ crowd cheering one minute and the Broncos band rallying the next minute. The first half ended with a free throw made by Seawolf sophomore Taylor Acosta, leaving the score 31-34, Broncos with the lead.

After some down time, the Seawolves made the first score in the second half with a two-point jump shot by Adams. The Seawolves had impeccable defense throughout the game and let it show even more in the second half. They continued to stay neck and neck with the Broncos until the last seven minutes of the game when the Broncos continued to score right and left. 

 “We kind of got mentally down when the refs weren’t favoring us,” said senior Kristina Fahey. “We kept looking up at the score and mentally we were kind of out of it, whereas we just need to push through and keep going.”

Adams again gave the Seawolves another three-pointer the last three minutes of the game that gave the crowd some hope. The Broncos, however, continued to play aggressive offense and defense ending the game with a win. 

“Throughout the entire game I think we played really well and played really good defense on them, we just ran out of energy in the end,” said Adams. “Tomorrow I think it’s going to be a lot better. I think we’re more ready and we think that we have a better chance of winning since we almost beat the number one team in our league.”

The Seawolves were ready to beat the Humboldt State Lumberjacks Saturday night. They led the game with a three-pointer by Adams and ended the game with two winning free throws by Fahey. 

The Lumberjacks were a fast-paced team with an aggressive offense but the Seawolves didn’t fall behind them. They kept the score nearly tied throughout the first half until the last three minutes when the Lumberjacks scored a three-pointer and had a score advantage of 27-22 against the Seawolves ending the first half. 

Senior Bronte Sheahan made the first score for the Seawolves in the second half with a two-point jump shot. The crowd continuously rallied for the Lady Seawolves as they held their ground, while the Lumberjacks continued to add up points. Noma Nation had faith that the girls were going to come out on top because their performance was consistent throughout the entire game. 

The last three minutes of the game, the Lumberjacks had an advantage of 55-47 over the Seawolves. Adams made one of her famous three-pointers again at the last two minutes of the game, putting the score 52-55, Lumberjacks advantage. The crowd was officially at the edge of their seats and couldn’t help but to consistently cheer on the Lady Seawolves for that last two minutes of the game until silence was made the last four seconds of the game when Fahey stood to the free throw line. The Seawolves were down 54-55 so the pressure was on for Fahey to win the game. She outstandingly made both free throw shots, ending the game 56-55. The crowd went wild. 

 “I feel amazing and we did amazing,” said Fahey. “We practice free throws all the time, like to win the game, and this time it actually was to win the game. It felt good.”

 “Hopefully we can keep this up the next four games, playing consistently I think is the most important thing,” said Acosta.

The Seawolves will be heading to Southern California this weekend to play Cal State San Bernardino Friday and UC San Diego on Saturday.