Snow Club gets upgraded

The Snow Club offers more than just a mode of transportation to and from the mountains.  This year, President Austin Mack and Vice President Abel Cooper are leading the efforts to make the club a great experience and an opportunity for students to get more involved on campus.

If interested, students can sign up and pay at the Snow Club table in front of the Student Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.  It’s open to all SSU students for a cost of $50, and for returning members it is $45.  The last day to sign up for this year is Oct. 15. 

“We want to have a specific roster so we’re trying to establish that this year more than last year,” Cooper said. “So that once you’re in Snow Club then you have a group of people that you’re part of.”

The membership fee includes a number of items and discounts, such as a custom T-shirt, sunglasses, discounts on season passes, discount on bus trips and access to all Snow Club events.  Members need their own equipment, but can buy or rent at a discounted rate from the club sponsor Santa Rosa Ski and Sports.

Club members can also receive a discount price on the Tahoe Local Season Pass, which is valid at Kirkwood, Heavenly and Northstar.  The cost of a season pass is similar to about three or four single day tickets so it seems reasonable to choose that option for those looking to spend a lot of time on the mountain.

One of the biggest parts of being in the Snow Club is the annual bus trip.  

“My favorite part is the bus trip,” said Cooper. “It’s what we all look forward to, it’s what we get ready for…we had about 45 people and everyone really enjoys themselves.”

For last year’s trip, the group rented a wine tour bus for their journey up to their motel in South Lake Tahoe, at the base of Heavenly Resort.  

“It’s pretty much just two full days of being up on the slopes,” said Cooper.  

After a day of riding, the group came back down to enjoy life in Tahoe with bonfires and other fun activities.  The club will begin planning the upcoming bus trip once they know the amount of snowfall there will be this year.

In addition, the club raises money through fundraising at local businesses, raffles and day events such as barbecues.  The winnings for their recent raffle were a free membership and two pairs of San Francisco Giants tickets.  Their first raffle recently finished, but they plan on having another soon.  The club is fundraising all day Thursdays at the Extreme Pizza located across from campus in the Wolf Den Plaza.  This is also where the officers discuss their weekly plans, and where members are invited to gather and get to know each other better.

Plans are also in place for other bonding events in the fall as well.  The Snow Club offers an opportunity to meet people with similar interests. 

 “It’s a really good group of people,” said Cooper. “It’s really all about having fun and being involved on campus.”  

On Oct. 18, members can look forward to a welcome festival with music, slip-n-slide and other day activities continuing into the night.  For additional info on joining the Snow Club, those interested can look for their table in front of the Student Center and are encouraged to add Sonoma Snow Club on Facebook.