Lady Seawolves drop two home games

The women’s basketball team stayed at home this weekend to host two games.  Both games ended with a loss from Cal State Los Angeles on Friday and Cal State Dominguez Hills on Saturday night.  The Seawolves were sitting on a 3-15 record going into the weekend and hoped to bring the W’s playing at home in the Wolves’ Den.  

Friday night, the Lady Seawolves hosted Cal State L.A.’s Golden Eagles.  The Eagles had a solid 12-6 record going into Friday night and looked to get another win against Sonoma State.  The ball tipped off and the game was on.  SSU scored the first two points through a good jumper by Bronte Sheahan.  The game continued back and forth through the first 10 minutes of play.  A three-pointer by Kristina Fahey with over nine minutes left brought the Seawolves within a point.  The Golden Eagles continuously stayed ahead by 2-5 points for the next few minutes.  The first half continued and with a minute left, Los Angeles caught their biggest lead of the half by 11 points on account of a free throw. With less than 20 seconds left in the half, a made layup by Seawolf Natalie Del Carlo brought the Seawolves within nine points ending the half at 36-27 with the Golden eagles up.  

The second half opened up with the Seawolves trailing.  An Eagles fast-break added their lead by another two points.  The next few minutes, Cal State L.A. maintained a lead of  9-11 points.  After the first ten minutes of the second half, the score was 51-42 with the Lady Seawolves trailing by nine points.  With less than eight minutes, Bronte Sheahan made two free throws that would cause the closest part of the game to occur soon.  With just over six minutes left, SSU’s Taylor Acosta made a three-pointer to bring the Seawolves within two points with the score at 53-51.  That was the closest Sonoma State would get in their efforts.  The Golden Eagles slowly climbed their lead back up as they went up by 8 with just over three minutes left in the game.  The game ended with a final score of 66-54 with Cal State L.A. beating the Seawolves by 12 points.  

The Cal State Dominguez Hills Toros rolled into the Wolves’ Den with a 14-5 record looking to take on our Lady Seawolves.  The game opened up with a Toro-made three-pointer to take a 3-0 lead.  The Seawolves answered right back within 45 seconds with a three-pointer by Tanner Adams.  Hannah Sourek made a jump shot to bring Sonoma up by two points, which would be their largest lead of the half.  Dominguez Hills answered back with another three-pointer to take the lead back.  Kristina Fahey made both her free throws, which brought Sonoma State back up by a point with just under 16 minutes left.  From then on it would not look good for the Lady Seawolves.  Missed shots and turnovers had the Seawolves down by a whopping 13 points with 10 minutes in the half.  The Toros lead 28-10 with just over five minutes left in the half.  With 30 seconds left, Dominguez Hills made two free throws to keep their lead by 14 going into half time with a score of 36-22.

After half time, things were even more downhill for the Lady Seawolves.  Being down by 14 at the half was the least they trailed by again.  The Toros’ lead continued to rise.  Sonoma State could not contest well enough with their opponents.  In the second half alone, they made 9 of 28 shot attempts which was not good enough to get back into the game.  The Toros had their largest lead by 38 with three minutes left.  The game ended with a Seawolves’ three-pointer by Baylee Yates, which brought the final score to 79-53 with the Toros winning by 26.  Kristina Fahey lead the Lady Seawolves with 13 points and Taylor Acosta came right after with eight points.  It was a poor performance by Sonoma State because they simply couldn’t keep up with the Toros.  

It was a tough loss and brought their record down to 3-17. The Seawolves look to next weekend to shine bright at home with Cal Poly Pomona on Friday night and Humboldt State on Saturday night.  They will be tough games, but the Seawolves will practice even harder this week and look to bring the number up in the win column.