Super Bowl proves lackluster for students Commentary

To our surprise, football season ended with one of the most lackluster Super Bowls in recorded history. Some might say that the Seahawks and 49ers playoff game was the real Super Bowl two weeks ago; at least that game was entertaining and gave the crowd something to bite their nails for. 

Everyone prepared themselves for a great game. They set up the BBQs, purchased the party favors, and brought out their best Seahawks and Broncos jerseys. Little did they know that only Seahawks fans would be celebrating throughout the entire game, until the third quarter when Demaryius Thomas made a 14-yard catch for a touchdown for the Broncos, finally. Although there should have been rooting and rallying for the Broncos, by the time they scored it seemed to be completely unentertaining. 

The Seahawks gained the first two points in the game with a safety after only a few minutes and ended the game with another touchdown leading 43-8. Four plays into the game and Lynch scored the first touchdown of the game; he undoubtedly “let his game speak for itself.” Seahawks dominated over the Broncos and completely wiped out “the best offense” in this NFL season, putting Manning to shame. Not to mention the 87 yard touchdown by Percy Harvin on the kick-off return opening the second half of the game, Seahawks leading 29-0. This game was a poor performance by the Broncos, giving their season no justice at all but you’d think that they would be prepared for their seventh Super Bowl. On the other hand, give a big round of applause to the Seahawks for gaining their first-ever Super Bowl title for Super Bowl XVIII.

This Super Bowl was a glorious day for all Seahawks fans across the nation, I would presume. Although this game did seem to be more of a given win because from the first half, the Seahawks leading 22-0, the Broncos didn’t stand a chance. Student athlete Tanner Adams, a huge Seahawks fan, said, “This season the Seahawks have always been favored to do really well. I’m not surprised with their progression at all. I’m just excited to see if they can finally win a Super Bowl!” I hope she was prepared to celebrate from the start of the game until the end of the night because the Seahawks conquered and gave an outstanding performance this Sunday. 

Being a college with mostly Bay Area football fans, it wasn’t a surprise to see 49ers jerseys cruising around on Super Bowl Sunday too. As great as it would have been to see a Bay Area team in the Super Bowl a second year in a row, the Seahawks rightfully owned their place in the last playoff game and showed for it this Sunday. 

Student athlete James Davis, also a 49ers fan said, “I was devastated when we lost. Every 49ers fan will think we deserved to be in the Super Bowl; it’s only natural for a fan to have that biased opinion.” 

Some 49ers fans were still bruised from losing to the Seahawks in the playoff game. It was a great loss to make it so far but yet, not obtain the goal. 49ers fans were bitter to see the Seahawks dominating the Super Bowl; however not all shared the animosity. 

 “I’m not rooting for anyone. I would like to see Manning get another ring but I also want to see Lynch win because he is from Oakland and I respect his mentality towards the game,” said Davis before the game.

It’s always a nice thing to recognize the greatness in a football team other than your own team with which you carry so much pride. Now for the Broncos fans, this game was truly devastating. The Broncos left their fans with no glory to help them render with this great loss. Many Broncos fans had a ton of faith in their team such as student athlete, Black Basham, who said, “Broncos are going to win… one reason, Peyton Manning!” It’s embarrassing to see that the quarterback, who has been seen as the best in the game by far, was unable to validate that legacy this Sunday.