Softball drops three of four in home-game series

The sun decided to shine upon the softball team as they competed against ninth ranked Humboldt State in a double-header. Friday afternoon at the Seawolf Softball Field the Seawolves suffered a 7-2 loss in their first game and a 4-1 loss in their second game against the Lumberjacks.

The Lumberjacks had the upper hand, hitting three runs in the first inning. They led the game 3-0 until the end of the first inning when Keisi Chinen scored an RBI single, allowing Alison Strycula to gain the first run for the Seawolves.

As they were neck-and-neck the game continued 3-1 while the Seawolves and Lumberjacks were both equally holding their ground for four innings until Sarah Fox gained four runs for the Lumberjacks with two outs. Seawolves made a short comeback when Strycula was able to triple giving Holli Brown a run, ending the score at 7-2.

Into the second game Friday, the Seawolves and Lumberjacks kept the score board empty until the sixth inning. Lumberjacks scored the first two runs with two runs from Darius Harris and Tonya Walker. Seawolves’ came up right back in the sixth inning when Megan Konieczka rallied the crowd with the first home run of the night for the Seawolves, making the score 2-1. 

Unfortunately, with a strike out and foul out in the seventh inning, the Seawolves weren’t able to gain more runs. The Lumberjacks hit two home runs in the seventh inning from Julie Pena and Dani Randall leaving field with the score of 4-1 in Lumberjacks favor.

“I think we lacked to make an adjustment at the plate and return rarely put runs up on the board which really hurt the vibe on defense when runs were put up against us,” said Amanda Llerena.  “I think we were not playing like we have been throughout the season.” 

Saturday, the Seawolves were back at the Seawolf Softball Field for Senior Day and a victory against the Lumberjacks with a 6-5 score for the first game that day. The second game the Lumberjacks came back strong, winning the game 4-0. 

The first runs of the game were gained by the Lumberjacks in the first inning, starting a 2-0 game. Seawolves didn’t have any luck until the second inning when Amanda Rossetta hit a home run to start off the score for the Seawolves, the score at 2-1. 

The Lumberjacks began to dominate the game once again in the third inning, hitting three runs, making the score 5-1. The Seawolves made a comeback the fourth inning when Ancia Purdy, Holli Brown, and Ashley Long each made it to home plate with the help of Strycula’s single. Only one point behind the Lumberjacks, the Seawolves wanted to push through and be able to have a good celebratory Senior Day. 

In the fifth inning the Lumberjacks fell behind, striking out and fouling out, giving the Seawolves an advantage. The Seawolves had two runs made by Rossetta and Keely Ray, ending the game with a close but rewarding score of 6-5.

The last game of Senior Day was quiet for the first four innings while the Seawolves and Lumberjacks kept the score 0-0 until the fifth inning when Pena and Cydni Chavez both scored runs for the Lumberjacks. The odds were not in the Seawolves’ favor the entire game from their offensive side. Although they held a strong defense against the Lumberjacks, it wasn’t strong enough when in the seventh inning the Lumberjacks got two more runs, ending the game with a score of 4-0.

With the three losses this weekend, the Seawolves remain fourth place in the California Collegiate Athletic Association at 15-13, with an overall 31-15. The Lumberjacks stay in third place in the CCAA with 21-7 and 37-11 overall. The Seawolves have had a great season and only plan to go further in their last eight games of the season. 

“If we continue to do our job individually on offensive and defense and continue to work together as a team we will be able to beat anyone who we face,” said sophomore Olivia Lucchese. “We expect to make it past regionals for the first time.”

The losses this weekend did not discourage the team from moving forward and excelling; if anything, it gave them the strength to fight harder.  The Seawolves will head to Chico on Friday for another double-header weekend.