Caitlyn Hymer dances her way to Sports Club MVP

Dancing can be seen at a variety of different angles for many; however, for SSU junior Caitlin Hymer dance is a main focal point.     

Dancing was introduced to Hymer in the second grade. What seemed to be following in her best friend’s footsteps was just the beginning of her journey in dance. Soon she began to transform into a dancer and a competitor. 

In seventh grade, Hymer’s passion for dance grew more serious and was portrayed through her willingness to learn and her ability to compete. This was when her spark was noticed and her love for dance began. 

Hymer’s investment in dance started to get larger. Traveling to competitions in Las Vegas, Florida, Texas and Disney World on the weekends became a lifestyle for Hymer. Her dedication to dance progressed and over time and grew more serious.

Making the transition to college, Hymer knew no matter where she decided to attend school she still wanted to incorporate dance into her everyday life. 

Coming to SSU, Hymer was introduced to the Sapphires Dance Team on campus and knew this was the perfect way to keep dance a priority in her life. Hymer was the only freshman to make the team, diving into a group of all upperclassmen. 

“It was intimidating to be the only freshman on the team,” said Hymer. “But all the girls were so welcoming and made me feel at home.”

 Hymer began to bond quickly with her team, not only growing close through practicing, but hanging outside of the practice room. Soon she became more than a teammate, but also a friend.

As sophomore year approached, Hymer decided to add Greek life into her fix of activities at SSU. Hymer continued dancing on the team, although it was a different experience balancing these activities she made it work. 

“When I’m at practice, dance is the only thing on my mind,” said Hymer. “It releases any tensions I may have.”

Hymer was nominated president of the Sapphires and happily took on the duty. Hymer was thrilled to tackle the position because she felt as though her hard work and passion for the team was being acknowledged.  She was excited to have a voice for the team, and happy to be representing the club that she fell in love with as a freshman.

This semester Hymer has been practicing exceptionally hard.

 “I am very competitive with myself,” said Hymer. Being awarded sports MVP for the fall 2013 semester was a surprise to her, and an honor.

 “It feels great to be recognized for my passion,” said Hymer. “It’s encouraging to know that my hard work isn’t going unnoticed.”

Hymer, happy with the success that she has had in dance, plans to continue to dance in the future. If given the opportunity, she would enjoy dancing for a team professionally, such as being a member of the San Diego Charger Girls. Although she may be unsure what the future holds, she knows that she is happy as a dancer.