Club Profile: Rowing Team

The Rowing Club of Sonoma State University started in 2003 and has made huge strides as a program since. The Rowing Club has become a very competitive program and is well known Western Collegiate Sports Club. Throughout the course of the last decade, SSU Seawolf Rowers have traveled to every corner of the Continental United States to compete in many of the most highly competitive and nationally recognized collegiate regattas. 

Collecting championship titles and earning Sonoma State a place on podiums as far away as the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia and the American Collegiate Rowing Championship Regatta in Georgia.

 Team member Bob Bach said, “ Every year since their humble beginning 10 years ago, the rowers of Sonoma State have continually grown to promote the SSU name and develop themselves into outstanding members of the community.” The team feels the mission statement on the Campus Recreation page on the website describes their work ethic.

“The purpose of the Rowing Club of Sonoma State University is to foster the development of collegiate level championship rowing at Sonoma State University. To do so, we will promote the athletic virtues of hard work, sportsmanship, responsibility, and competitive drive, as well as provide a safe environment for the development of such traits. We will encourage the students of Sonoma State to challenge themselves in a sport unlike any other. Through this, we will become better students, better people, and better members of society, both now and in the future.”  The members of the rowing club grow as individuals in and out of the boat.

 “Within the last year alone, members of the Sonoma State Rowing Club have volunteered time at local charity events such as the Moo-Cow Half Marathon hosted in Petaluma to support organizations such as the Petaluma Educational Foundation and the Petaluma Health Center,” said Bach.  

“They manage a program known as ‘Rent a Rower’ which encourages athletes to aid community members in projects like community service and to build communication/job skills. SSU Rowers have hosted carwashes, built docks near the Sheraton Hotel in Petaluma, and given support to local business by hosting bi-weekly meetings in off-campus restaurants.”

  Rowing team member Kevin Guerty was intrigued by the bonds and competitiveness of a team. “What got me into rowing was the idea of joining a team that was highly competitive, and pushed me both physically and mentally,” said Guerty. 

“It offered an opportunity that I would never get to do again. Also, I did get the killer six-pack body. You get used to the early mornings, after a month of waking up that early it just feels weird not waking up early. It forces you to be organized and get your homework done whenever you can.”

Keaton Stuva was drawn to Row for a group of friends. “I was looking for individuals who were striving to achieve on pushing themselves through unbelievable workouts yet providing a hilarious, spontaneous, charismatic, and just purely outrageous atmosphere,” said Stuva.

Members of the team feel they take away healthy living habits and athletic virtues. The team, which made up of nearly 30 members, is always looking for more interested individuals who would like to join our happy family of fit and friendly athletes. 

No previous rowing experience is necessary; in fact, most of the team is made up of high school  athletes ranging from water polo players, swimmers, wrestlers, runners, to  football stars. 

Yet the success of the program and the bonds made between the various members from their many different backgrounds has been continually growing since the very beginning.