Men’s basketball splits weekend games

Ranked sixth in the California Collegiate Athletic Association conference, the Sonoma State University Seawolves (6-5) had a bit of a rough patch after they lost four games in a row but with the comeback in Friday night’s game against Cal State Los Angeles (5-6), they walked away with a final score of 57-54 and a win. 

With this new-found win in their pocket, it seemed that the Seawolves’ streak was turning around, and that they were now ready to face Cal State Dominguez Hills (0-11) on Saturday night at the Wolves’ Den.

While the statistics show that last place Dominquez Hills had nothing to lose in Saturday night’s game, the Seawolves dedicated their time and energy into making every moment on the court count. 

In describing the strategy he planned to use against Dominguez Hills, Head Coach Pat Fuscaldo said “To play our style basketball: inside out, ball movement, patience, taking good shots, sharing the ball and moving the ball around.” 

This strategy is not only a wise choice, but a plan that contains all of our players’ strengths. Yet, the coaches must also calculate in what not to do on the court in order to strive for excellence.  

“To keep them off the glass, and contest their three-point shooters,” said Fuscaldo.  “Also, they are very athletic and very quick. They crash the boards and they go to the offensive glass very well.”

With all this in mind, Fuscaldo hoped to achieve another win on Sunday.

While the Seawolves battled hard for their shot at victory, Dominguez Hills triumphed with a final score of 67-73.  

After trading baskets most of the first half, the Seawolves found themselves playing catch up basketball for most of the game. The Seawolves found themselves down 26-37 at halftime on the strong play of Dominguez Hills forward Emmett Duval’s 12 points on 5 of 7 shooting off the bench. 

“If we didn’t stop doing what we were doing in the first half, the second half was going to be worse,” said Fuscaldo. “We had to play smarter, and we had to take quicker shots, and we had to move the ball better.” 

“We just had to get back in the swing of things, we just wanted to come out and be more aggressive and win those fifty chance balls and we just couldn’t get it together, it was tough,” said senior forward J.J. Mina.  

Tough indeed, in the second half the Seawolves tried to put their new strategy into action, the outcome was just as nerve-wracking as the last half. 

With the Seawolves starting out strong and making the score 37-42, trailing by five, many audience members believed they had a fighting chance. Yet, with 1:05 left, solid free-throw shooting and missed three-point shots from the Seawolves sealed the victory for the Toro’s.

With this being the end of the first half of league play, the Seawolves will be facing everyone at least once again.  “We can only take it one game at a time,” said Assistant Coach Natalie Wisdom. 

While the men’s basketball team will focus on the game at hand they will face Humboldt State this Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in Arcata.