Seitz sisters spike their way to success

The Sonoma State women’s volleyball team has many strengths this year, one major strength being the two Seitz sisters Caylie and Calan, and how big of an impact they make on this team.  

Caylie is a senior and Calan is a sophomore on the squad. 

With the two sisters now teammates, head coach Bear Grassl is extremely excited on how the year is going so far and hopes for success this season. 

“ ‘The Seitz’ are extremely motivated and tabletop ladies,” said Grassl.“They both have a huge impact on this program; they have continued to do well every season they have been apart of this team.”

The Seitz’ come from a large family, raised locally in Santa Rosa. They have three more brothers and sisters with very supportive parents. 

When it comes to volleyball, they try to make it to as many games as they can.

“I enjoy every bit of being a student athlete, I wouldn’t change my college experience for the world,” said Caylie. “I have met so many great people through it all, making it all worth it.” 

They both have been playing volleyball for six years now, and did not want to play far from home, which led them to choosing Sonoma State. 

With Caylie graduating in the spring, after playing together for two years, it will be a huge change for their relationship, with how often they hang out on and off the court.

“My best friend and warm up partner won’t be on the team anymore,”said Calan.“My biggest supporter won’t be there but I know she will be at all the games she can make it to.” 

Taking on completely different roles on the team, Caylie is an outside hitter, while Calan is a setter. Not only do they work hard with their teammates, but they work together on their own time apart from practice to try and get better.

“We both try and take on big roles for the team and I believe playing with my sister has made us the closest we have ever been,” said Caylie.

They both have had very successful careers here at Sonoma State thus far and are continuing to do so this season.

The sisters work hard on and off the court, especially with their studies. Caylie is sociology major and Calan is a kinesiology major, who also works at Sonoma West Hospital in the emergency room admitting patients.  

They are excited for their future and plans after graduation. Caylie hopes to be a paramedic on a fire engine and Calan hopes to become a nurse.

With the Seawolves getting eight strait wins, the season is looking better then ever. 

Be sure to check out the Setiz sisters on the court for their next home game on Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 7 p.m. in the Wolves Den.