Hockey club laces up for a fresh season

At Sonoma State University, the club hockey team is a Division 4 participant of the WCRHL (Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League). 

They train all fall on the track and in the rink, and now the games are finally arriving. 

The club members are all extremely excited for the season to begin and are still open to new members joining their team. 

The goal of the hockey team at Sonoma State is to build a community and opportunity for students to play hockey. 

The club plays at indoor rinks with roller blades. With the many clubs here at Sonoma State, the hockey team is hoping to expand their team.

With the club growing each year, the objective is to create a competitive but fun environment, where students can play against their classmates and friends. 

Currently, they are a 12-member team and practice in the outdoor rink at Snoopy’s in Santa Rosa. They also rent out the dry ice rink in Oakland as well. Practices are held on Friday and Saturdays and consist of both conditioning and scrimmaging. 

“President of the club team, Chase Watson, has been a great leader for this team and is helping the program grow,” said junior treasurer Adam Roth.

This past Sunday, the club hockey team was able to compete in San Jose. 

The team beat UC Davis and lost to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, but both were great matches for the club overall. 

The club will have a total of four matches this semester. In November, they are heading down to Huntington Beach to compete in a tournament and also will be competing in Chico later on in the semester. 

The fees on this team are very minimal; all you need to pay for is your jerseys and gear, which includes a helmet, hockey stick, gloves, shin and elbow pads and skates. 

“It is such a great group of guys we all get along so well,” said Roth. “We don’t turn anyone away, whether you have 10 years of experience, or none at all, we welcome everyone with open arms.” 

All of the members encourage anyone who is interested to come out and give it a shot or check out their Facebook page at Sonoma State Roller Hockey. 

“I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world; it has opened up so many opportunities for me and getting to know all of the guys has been amazing, said Roth. 

If anyone is interested in joining the team or want more information,contact club president Chase Watson at

   Sonoma State’s club hockey team competed in San Jose last Sunday to kick off the season. 


Sonoma State’s club hockey team competed in San Jose last Sunday to kick off the season.