SAAC provides outlet for student-athletes

Has one ever wondered how the student-athletes at Sonoma State University are able to have a voice heard on campus? 

At Sonoma State, the student-athletes work hand in hand with the Athletic Department to get the athletes involved with the community as well as the school. This committee is called the SAAC or Students Athlete Advisor Committee. 

The SAAC is a committee consisting of various student-athletes in order to voice their opinions and views on the way their athletics are handled. The committee provides direct communication between student-athletes and the Athletic Department. It also involves student athletes in community service events and provides activities for Sonoma State’s Intercollegiate Athletic teams. 

The committee of athletes, who put together a majority of the events, provides community outreach for other student athletes here on campus along, with giving back to the community.

“Juggling all of these leadership roles can be tough at times, but having my other leaders really helps a lot,” said senior president and soccer player Marissa Marable. “They work so hard and we all work well together and communicate so that the projects are put together correctly.” 

There are a variety of leadership roles in SAAC such as President, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Finance and Budget Coordinator and a Social Media, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.  

Senior softball player Ally Bryant is the Vice President of Community Outreach for SAAC and oversees the different community involvements such as Ticket to Success, Midnight Madness and the Canned Food Drive.

“What I like most, is knowing exactly what is going on in athletics and where the money is going and being able to have a say,” said Bryant. “I also really liked going to the CCAA SAAC conference a couple weeks ago, and getting to know other school representatives and getting ideas on what their SAAC does on their campus.” 

These leaders, along with two representatives from each sport, open up doors of communication for the athletes at Sonoma State. 

It is a safe learning space where the athletes can exchange their thoughts and questions and get a professional response back. 

“All of the people involved in the SAAC carry leadership qualities for their team and community,” said Bryant.  

Different student-athletes are chosen each year as leaders and for new positions.  

They have social media pages available with information on how to attend events, upcoming games, and the CCAA player of the week. The website also includes links to ways to support the committee and how to be involved in the surrounding community.