Softball team reaches seven straight wins

After coming back home from playing the Montana State University Billings Desert Stinger, the softball team was ready to continue their winning streak.

Sonoma State University’s softball team played four games against the CSU Dominguez Hills Toros on Friday and Saturday; each were two games. Seawolves won both games on Friday, 5-4 and 6-0, making it seven games straight in a row that they have won. Saturday they lost their first game against the Toros, 6-1, but came back with a positive attitude and won their second game, 5-1.

The first game of the weekend was a close one especially because the Toros weren’t going to let the Seawolves get an easy win. Shortstop Ancia Purdy led off the game with a single, and as second baseman Holli Brown came up to hit, she stole second base. That wasn’t the only thing to make the team continue to cheer, Brown then hit a homerun to left-center field, making the score 2-0 in just the first inning.

“I was excited. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re helping your team,” said Brown describing her homerun. “Everything we do out here is for our team, so it’s all about that.”

During the second inning, the Toros showed they weren’t going to let the Seawolves win so easily. Dominguez Hills quickly scored four runs, putting them ahead at the time. It was in the fifth inning when the Seawolves tied the game. Because of a wild pitch, Purdy was able to score, making it four to four.

“I just trust myself. I’ve been playing this game for 15 years so I know what to do,” said Purdy. “I just have to go out there with confidence and have trust in myself and my team that if I don’t produce that they are going to come up behind me and produce for me.”

STAR // Connor Gibson

Senior Holli Brown crosses the plate. Junior Amanda Llerena (8) and senior Amanda Rosetta (16) keep it light on the field.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Keeley Ray had a hit to center field with Purdy already on first base, allowing her to advance to third base then Ray went to second base on the throw in to try to get Purdy out. Brown was able to drive in the winning run in the game when Purdy scored, making it 5-4 Seawolves.

The starting pitcher for the second game was No. 15 Mayleen Mazon. Mazon had a good start during the game and continued for the entirety as she only allowed five hits and struck out six.

“I felt really relaxed and I had trust in my defense that if they (Toros) did hit the ball, they were going to make the plays,” Mazon said.

The day ended with the second game at a score of 6-0, making it seven games in a row that the Seawolves had won.

Coming back on Saturday for their first game, the Seawolves definitely had high energy as they cheered on their teammates on and off of the field. 

In just the first inning, the Seawolves scored their first run to put them in the lead 1-0. Purdy was already on third base as Ray came up to the plate and delivered an RBI on a groundball.

“It’s just a spark when the first batter gets on, we know we’re going to score and we just have that confidence and trust in each other that someone is going to score me or another player when they get on,” said Purdy. 

In the third inning, Dominguez Hills caught up with two runs, taking the lead 2-1. The fifth inning was also a tough one. The Toros ended up scoring four runs in that inning and posting the final score of the game, 6-1. The loss of the first game on Saturday didn’t affect the Seawolves very much. They still continued to have high spirit and cheered for their teammates.

“I still felt relaxed. I didn’t really have an expectation to how yesterday or the first game went,” said Mazon. “I just went in knowing, trusting my pitches, and trusting my defense.”

The Seawolves scored their first runs in the first inning. Outfielder Alison Strycula had a single to left field, which led to Brown running home for the starting score of 1-0. The Seawolves added three runs in the fourth inning. Taylor Batley, Karly Macadangdang and Leanna Georges were the players who scored the runs for the Seawolves. The last run that resulted in the final score of 5-1 was in the sixth inning. No. 16, Amanda Rossetta, hit a single to left field and Purdy crossed the plate for the run.

“Everyone gave their all and there’s always room for improvement in every aspect of our game, personally and as a team,” said Brown. “I think we brought energy today and we did a good job coming back from the first lost so there’s always going to be room for improvement, but I think we did well.”

Sonoma State’s softball team is now 9-3 this season and went 3-1 to finish their first conference game of the season. They will be playing the Academy of Arts on Wednesday at the Seawolf Softball Field at 1 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, they will play at home against CSU San Bernardino for another series of in conference play.