Women’s basketball fights to the end

The women’s basketball team took a trip down to southern California to end its 2014-2015 season with losses against No. 1 seed CSU Dominguez Hills, 78-73, and CSU Los Angeles, 67-39.

The Seawolves started the weekend off facing the first place Toros and gave them a run for their money. CSU Dominguez Hills took the early lead, but the Seawolves didn’t back down. 

Despite being down for most of the first half, Sonoma State came back firing in the second half, with a 14-2 run, claiming the lead by five with 15 minutes remaining in the game.

“Once we started making our shots, our confidence was high,” said junior Molly Kommer. “And when we started coming back, that made it easy to score.”

The constant scoring started to die down, but the Seawolves commanded the floor, keeping the lead, and at one point, led the Toros by 10. But from that point on, CSU Dominguez Hills scored on a few layups and free-throws, which tied the game with only two minutes remaining.

The Seawolves were only able to score two points to finish out the half, as the Toros sealed the deal with two three-point shots and two free-throws.

“We have played from behind pretty much all season,” said Kommer, “and we have gotten used to the chase I think. One of the great things about this team is that we never give up and that almost paid off in the Dominguez game.”

Like the final score of the game, the shooting percentages of the two opponents was similar, with Dominguez slightly higher than Sonoma State’s 44.4 percent. The Seawolves also shot 41.2 percent from the three-point line and made 10 of their 13 free-throw attempts.

The bench combined for 32 of the team’s 73 points, with junior Hannah Sourek adding 16 and junior Madison Burroughs tacking on 12.

After a close defeat against the Toros, the Seawolves rounded out their season against CSU Los Angeles the following night.

Not as high-scoring as the night before, the Seawolves were the first to get scored on, though they held their ground. The Golden Eagles never relinquished the lead and went into the second half with momentum.

While down by 12 going into the latter half of the game, the Seawolves couldn’t shift the energy their way. Sonoma State was only able to produce 18 points to CSU Los Angeles’ 34 in the second half, thus falling in their last game of the season.

“We really had nothing to lose,” said Kommer. “So we just went in with the mindset that we would play hard and have fun in our last couple games and try to pull out a win or two if we could.”

Unlike the night before, the Seawolves weren’t as successful in their percentages, making only 17 of their 64 field goal attempts and three of their 11 free-throw attempts. Burroughs ended the night with 12 points and five rebounds while Sourek added seven rebounds.

“We were an extremely young team with only juniors and freshmen,” said Kommer. “We have next year together again without losing anyone. We had some bad luck this year with injury and some ineligibility, so we’re excited for next year if everything goes as planned.”