Softball team saves their best for last

The Sonoma State softball team continued a game against Dominican University on Wednesday that was suspended just after four innings played due to darkness back on Feb. 4. Before the game was suspended, the Seawolves were taking the lead of 3-1. 

Starting off the first inning of the fresh game, Dominican took the lead but the Seawolves came back after scoring two runs. Carlie Daniel started off the scoring by hitting a double to left field that scored Keeley Ray. Mayleen Mazon then stepped up and had a hit to center field that brought Daniel home. At the end of the first inning, Sonoma State was in the lead 2-1.

In the bottom of the second inning, the Seawolves scored again, making the score 3-1 after Ray’s hit toward left field scored Alison Strycula.

The game went seven innings long, but it was during the sixth inning where Seawolves made the last and final score of the game. 

Holli Brown was already on second base when Mazon came up to hit. Mazon hit the ball to right center field allowing Brown to reach home. The final score of the game against Dominican was 4-1.

The second game against Dominican University was a tough one. In the first inning, Dominican took the lead by scoring two runs. 

By the third inning, the Seawolves tried their best to catch up when Mazon grounded a hit that scored Ancia Purdy. The score of the game at this time was 3-2. The Seawolves were only losing by one heading into the fourth inning. 

Dominican was not going to give in too easily. In the fourth inning, they made three more scores to bolster their lead, which would remain. The final score of the game was 7-5, with Dominican taking the win.

“I love watching the Softball team play. Makes me feel really proud of being a part of this school,” said sophomore Jessica Lopez. “Even though they lost their second game, they continue to show high spirit and give each other support. That’s a great team.”

On Friday, Sonoma hosted the San Francisco State Gators for a four-game series and the last home game of the Seawolves season. They got off to a hot start in their first game. 

In the second inning, the Seawolves took a two-point lead on the Gators. First baseman Jena Kaser hit a homerun to start off all the scoring. At the end of that inning, the Seawolves were leading 2-0.

In the fourth inning, Purdy’s hit to third base helped Kristine Ricossa advance to second, Karly Macadangdang went to third and Brown scored at home. Bases were loaded when Ray went up to hit. She got to first base by a fielder’s choice and Macadangdang scored home.

Up came Mazon and she got a hit to right field that brought Ricossa home. The score by the end of that inning was 6-0. The Seawolves were in the lead.

At fifth inning, the Gators scored two runs in an attempt to catch up to the Seawolves, but the final score of game one was 7-2. 

Unfortunately, the second game didn’t have as great of an outcome as the first. 

In the first inning, the Gators scored four runs to take the lead and scored once during the second inning, adding to their total. The final score of this game was 5-2.

Saturday was an exciting day to watch Seawolves softball. There were the final games of the four game series, the last game played at home for the year, and it was Senior Day. Holli Brown, Amanda Rossetta, Ancia Purdy and Keeley Ray were the softball seniors that were celebrated. 

“I’m just going to miss seeing them every single day. They’ve been with me through all my ups and downs this year and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without them,” Purdy said. “It’s truly a luxury to have 21 other girls who are experiencing this journey with me and I’m so blessed to have gotten to know them.”

The first game was a great celebration for the softball team. The game only lasted five innings and the team made 10 runs in the first inning alone, which gave them quite an advantage over the Gators. During this inning, bases were stolen, homeruns were hit and hitters were walked. Rossetta and Brown went back-to-back with home runs at one point.

Six more runs were made during the second and third innings. Senior players were definitely making the best out of the last games they were playing at home with the offensive surge.

The final score of the first game played on Saturday against the Gators was 16-1.

“You can see that the girls are working hard to finish strong playing their last games at home. I’m so proud of them. They are really here to play,” said Fred Bass, a long time family friend of a Sonoma State softball player.

The glory wasn’t going to stop in the second game. The Seawolves won the second game 9-0 with only five innings played, putting their total runs scored at 25 in their last home appearance.

Both games featured strong pitching from Gabby Dupree and Amanda Llerena.

“Saturday was truly a celebration. This year we’ve really emphasized game day as being a celebration of all the hard work we put in during the week, and to be able to celebrate my and my fellow seniors’ careers thus far, along with two wins, was more than I could ask for,” said Purdy, who had seven hits in seven at-bats, scored six runs and had three stolen bases on Saturday.

Sonoma State will be playing next weekend at Turlock against CSU Stanislaus on Friday and Saturday to finish their regular season.

CCAA Playoffs are scheduled to begin on May 1, 2015.