Softball team’s next stop: CCAA Tournament

Sonoma State University’s softball team went to Turlock this past weekend for a four-game series against CSU Stanislaus. 

These were the last games the team played for the regular season before going to the California Collegiate Athletic Association Softball Championships.

Game One

The first game was played on Friday at 4pm. The Seawolves continued the winning streak from their previous games played at home.

In just the first inning of game one, the Stanislaus Warriors took the lead by one. The Seawolves came back quickly to take the lead by two during the third inning. 

Shortstop Ancia Purdy hit a double to right center field and catcher Aubrie Tolliver scored home. It didn’t stop there. Olivia Lucchese advanced home when Jena Kaser reached by a fielding error. The score at this time was 2-1.

During the fifth inning, Kaser hit the ball up the middle and the ball was in by the time she got to second base, but Keeley Ray and Purdy scored, resulting in Seawolves taking the lead 4-1. 

Then in the top of the sixth inning, Ashley Long scored when Purdy hit a single to left center field. The score was now 5-1.

During the sixth and seventh inning, the Warriors made two scores, but that wasn’t enough for them to catch up to the Seawolves. The final score for the first game was 5-3.

“I’m very proud of the team and how far they have come this season. Winning hasn’t been what they want,” said Fred Bass, a family friend of a softball player. “For them, it’s all about playing for each other and you can see that when they play.”

Game Two

The second game of the day against the Warriors didn’t have a good turn out for the Seawolves. 

The Warriors dominated throughout the whole game and made their last runs during the sixth inning. By the end of the sixth inning, the score was 6-0.

The Seawolves made their only three scores of the game during the seventh inning which was not enough to tie or win. 

Purdy, Lucchese, and Mayleen Mazon were the players to score. Seawolves lost 6-3 in their second game.

“When I’ve watched the softball team play at home and they’ve lost, it doesn’t seem to really bother them. It seems like they look at what they could of done better and remember that for their next game,” sophomore Brittney Hung said. “And it seems that they did that exact same thing for Saturdays games.”

Game Three

Saturday, the Seawolves made a turn around from the last game’s loss from the day before.

The first game of the second day, the Seawolves dominated throughout the whole game.

Just in the first inning, the Seawolves showed great strength while making the first three scores of the game.

During the second inning, again the Seawolves scored. Second base player, Holli Brown hit a single when Purdy was on third base that helped Purdy score. The Seawolves continued to put runs on the board later in the inning. 

Amanda Rossetta flied out to center field, which gave Ray the chance to come home. Then Tolliver hit a single to the left side that made Kaser advance to second base and Brown to score. It didn’t stop there.

Freshman Jordann White hit a double to left field that helped Kaser score. 

In just the second inning, the score was 7-0 with the Seawolves taking the lead.

The third game of the series only lasted five innings and the Seawolves scored their last two runs during the final inning. The Seawolves didn’t allow any runs for the Warriors. The final score was 9-0.

“It’s really nice to see that our school’s softball team won their last games of the regular season,” junior Julia Wilson said. “It makes you feel proud to be a Seawolf and have more school spirit.”

Game Four

The final game was a bit longer and lasted nine innings.

It was unknown during the first three innings whose game it was going to be since no team made any score yet.

In the fourth inning, the Seawolves were the first to score in this final game. Taylor Batey hit a single down the right field line. Middle infielder Kristine Ricossa advanced to third, but then ran home on a throw and made the score 1-0.

By the sixth inning, both teams were tied up 3-3, but the Seawolves broke the tie during the ninth inning where they came up to bat and won the game.

Ray hit a single up the middle that helped Purdy advance to second, Amanda Llerena advance to third and Ally Bryant score. Because of a wild pitch, Llerena was able to run home and make the score 5-3, while Ray advanced to second and Purdy to third.

Brown then came up to hit a double to left center field that brought both Ray and Purdy home. Outfielder Alison Strycula was up and hit a double to left center field that brought Brown home.

Strycula made the last score when Batey hit a single to left field. 

The Seawolves won the final game of the series and regular season, 9-3.

“I look forward to watching them play at the championship tournament. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose, as long as they have fun and play for each other,” Bass said.

The team finished third in the CCAA.

The Seawolves will be going to the CCAA Softball Championship Tournament this weekend from Friday to Sunday at Arnaiz Stadium in Stockton, CA.

They will be playing against Humboldt State in game two of the CCAA Championship at 5 p.m. on Friday.