Men’s tennis team battles at home

Sonoma State University Men’s Tennis team faced off against Holy Names University on Friday.

While both teams played their best, the Seawolves were lacking in a few crucial areas. The Hawks were given a head start, with a 3-0 score, as they swept in doubles, before heading into singles.

“It’s time to get to work,” said Head Coach Steve Cunninghame, before singles play. “We need to play more aggressively and assertively.”

As they were told, the Seawolves got to work, starting off their matches strong with positive ball placement as well as execution of their plays.

No. 3 Blaine Mengert would be the first to give Sonoma a fighting chance as he won his match against Matthew Halligan (6-1, 6-2). Following suit would be No. 5 Garrett Gooch against Jonah Tahilan (6-2, 2-6, 6-2) and No. 6 Vincent Paganetti against Ivan Parra (6-2, 6-2).

These three wins would begin to tie up the overall score at 3-3. Unfortunately, those three wins were all that the Seawolves could achieve.

Even though No. 1 Philip Holbrook and No. 2 Noah Lee put up a challenging fight against their opponents, No. 1 Hawk’s player Tracey Bebile and No. 2 Rafael Martinez were able to keep a strong grip on the game as well to come out with a victory. As both of these final matches ended with their teammates cheering from a court away, the overall score was sealed with Holy Names taking home another victory at 6-3.

“We need to play better doubles and we need to finish our matches, also we need to stay aggressive,” said Cunninghame, when discussing the changes that would need to take place if they were to beat the Hawks next time around.“Some individuals lacked a little self-confidence, tennis players have an inner critic that rages at them and they have to learn how to silence that and have some self-belief.”

As for Friday’s loss it was a bittersweet one for the Men’s Tennis Team, as Seniors Philip Holbrook and Vincent Paganetti played their final home match for the 2015 season. Before the match even began, both seniors were honored by their fellow teammates as well as their coach. 

The men’s tennis team will, however, get the chance to redeem themselves as they head to Oakland on Sunday, April 12 to play against Holy Names one last time before traveling to Surprise, Arizona for the Pacific West Coast Conference Championships, which will take place on April 16-18.