Softball team has tough road-trip

This past weekend Sonoma State University softball team played four games in Seaside against CSU Monterey Bay.

The first game was played on Friday and resulted in a 3-1 loss for the Seawolves. It was in the second inning that third baseman Olivia Lucchese hit a double to center field that allowed middle infielder Ashley Long to run home, making it the first and only score of the game for the Seawolves. 

It didn’t take too long for the Otters to catch up and take the lead of the game. In the bottom of the third inning, Monterey’s catcher Jenae Coleman scored a home run, bringing two of her teammates home, making the score 3-1.  The game went seven innings and the score stayed the same after the third inning.

“It was a different environment watching the softball team play since they were not at home. I think maybe they also felt that feeling,” said junior and softball fan James Jones, after attending the games in Monterey. “But you could still feel their energy which was great and exciting.”

The Seawolves definitely came into the second game of the day with a great attitude, not letting the first game affect how they would play in the second game. The team dominated the game, which showed since this was only a five-inning game. 

Just in the first inning, Taylor Batey hit a home run to center field that brought home Amanda Rossetta and Keeley Ray. The Seawolves were up 3-0. 

The Otters also made their first and only score of the game during the first inning. Infielder Alissa Greenhaw stole home, making the score 3-1.

At the third inning, Batey hit a single through the left side of the field, and both Carlie Daniel and Ray scored.  By the end of the third inning the score was 8-1 with the Seawolves on top.

During the fourth inning, Rossetta again hit a home run that brought both her and Daniel home. The score was now 10-1. Rossetta shared the spotlight with second baseman Holli Brown. Brown hit a home run to left field that resulted in scores from Long and Alison Strycula. This second games score ended in 13-1. The Seawolves ended on a good note that day.

“They play with passion and you can see it when they are playing. They played two games in a row and you couldn’t even tell if they were tired,” said junior Charlie Mosley. “It was a great way how they ended the day and I know they will continue to play with passion.”

In just the first inning of the first game of Saturday, the Otters were already ahead of the game with a score of 3-0.

During the sixth inning Ancia Purdy scored making it a tie of 5-5.

In the eighth inning, the Seawolves took the lead of 6-5. Rossetta hit a ground ball to third base allowing Ray to advance and Purdy to score home. The Otters responded with two runs of their own and took the lead, ending the game with the score 7-6.

The second game on Saturday didn’t turn out any better for the Seawolves, although they still kept their high spirits up and came out scoring.

In the top of the fourth inning, the Seawolves were ahead 5-4. 

But quickly, in the bottom of the fourth the Otters put together a streak of runs and took the lead at 14-5.

“Even though the girls didn’t win all the games, they won emotionally because they never gave up and continued to have good spirits,” said Jones. “I know they will continue to have those spirits when they play CSU Chico.”

The final score in Saturday’s last game was 16-9. The Seawolves will play at home this Friday and Saturday against CSU Chico.