Softball team: Third place in CCAA Tourney

Sonoma State University’s softball team played in Stockton for the California Collegiate Athletic Association Championship Tournament. Over the past weekend, they played a total of three games at Arnaiz Stadium.

“The CCAA tournament is something our team looks forward to competing in. It’s one of our long term goals throughout the season to earn the title and accompanying banner,” said junior Jena Kaser.

The first game was played Friday against the Humboldt State Jacks. The outcome of the game wasn’t what the team wanted it to be.

At the second inning of the first game, the Jacks took the lead 1-0. They continued to take the lead in the game during the sixth inning when they scored three more runs, which made the final score of the game 4-0. 

The game lasted seven innings and the Seawolves were unable to score runs. 

Even though this game resulted in a loss, the Seawolves made great accomplishments. Outfielder Keeley Ray had consecutive games with two hits. 

“We worked hard, physically and mentally, the week leading up to the CCAA tournament preparing for Humboldt specifically,” said first baseman Amanda Rossetta. “In the first game, we stuck to our plan on defense and met most of our goals which were crucial when it comes to Humboldt’s batters, but unfortunately we just didn’t come together offensively to back up Mandy’s (Amanda Llerena, pitcher) stellar work on the mound and we fell short.”

The Seawolves played two games on Saturday. The first game was played against Chico State. The Seawolves put in their all and it showed in the final score with a 6-3 win.

In the first inning, the Seawolves took the lead as Ancia Purdy scored home when Ashley Long hit a single up the middle of the field. Shortly after Long hit, she came home after a home run by Kaser that made the score 3-0.

During the second inning, Chico State responded with two runs and then another run in the third inning, tying the game up. 

The Seawolves were not going to let Chico take the victory in this game. 

In the bottom of the third inning, Mayleen Mazon hit the ball to right field, bringing Kristine Ricossa home. 

Shortly after, Karly Macadangdang hit a double toward left-centerfield and Mazon scored. 

The game would result in Sonoma State’s first win of the weekend. It’d be the Seawolves only win as well. 

The second game on Saturday was another matchup against Humboldt State. 

“Unfortunately, we took a couple of losses to Humboldt, and could not proceed to Sunday’s semi-final and final games,” said Kaser. “This weekend allowed us to narrow our focus onto what we need to work on as we head into this week’s practices and upcoming regional in post season play.”

In this game, Humboldt State dominated throughout the whole game just like the first game. This time the Seawolves were able to get on the board. 

During the bottom of the fifth inning, Purdy hit a single and advanced to second base on a throw while catcher, Aubrie Tolliver scored home. 

The final score was 8-1. 

“This week we’re just going back to the drawing board and figuring out what we need to do as a team to be better for this coming weekend at regionals,” said Rossetta, “so we can show them what Sonoma State softball is really capable of.”

The Seawolves finished in third place in the CCAA tournament. The team qualified at the No. 5 seed for the 2015 NCAA Division II Softball Championship Tournament that will take place in Seaside.

 The Seawolves will play in the first game of the tournament against Humboldt State on Friday.