Student-Athlete Profile: Marissa Marable

Senior Marissa Marable is a senior on the Sonoma State Soccer team, a kinesiology Major, President of SAAC, while also the leader of Athletes in Action. 

With so much on her resume,one might wonder, what can’t she do?

Marable has been playing soccer since she was nine years old while growing up with two younger siblings who also play sports.  

She was recruited for soccer during her senior year of high school, which came as a shock for her because at the time, she was not sure if she wanted to play college ball or not. 

She came to the Sonoma State Soccer camp after being recruited and after arriving to campus and meeting the team, she loved everything about it and committed immediately. 

Having a very supportive family and parents that make it to every game that they can, she has really enjoyed her timeon the team. 

Taking on a large leadership role this year, she has experience in all categories on and off the field.. 

She’s made some great memories with with her teammates and friends, but is very sad to be ending her career. 

“Its been a long road but I think while being on this team, you find out who you are, which I think is a great thing to walk away from when ending your college career,” said Marable.

Like most collegiate athletes, the beginning of one’s career can be a bumpy start. Marissa received barely any playing time throughout her freshman and sophomore years. 

Howerver, she stuck it out and earned a starting spot during her junior year and has been a starter ever since.

“I am expecting great things this year with this group of girls and I hope to see us do well,” said Marable.

Marissa also serves as president of the Student Athlete Advisor Committee (SAAC), a committee of student-athletes, who put together events and provide community outreach for other student-athletes here on campus with giving back to the community.

“Juggling all of these leadership roles can be tough at times, but having my other leaders really helps a lot,” said Marable. “They work so hard and we all are able to work well together and communicate.”

Marissa helps leads the club Athletes In Action in part with leading the SAAC. Athletes in Action are a youth Christian organization joined by student-athletes but anyone is welcome. 

Marable is a kinesiology major hoping to be a physical therapist. 

She plans to take a year off of school to take a little mental break after graduation and then start applying for graduate schools.

“It is easier to balance my work load when I am so busy because it helps me stay organized and meet my deadlines, if I had too much time on my hands, I wouldn’t do anything,” said Marable. 

Balancing all of these leadership roles, Marissa will graduate college with a great deal of accomplishments. 

She hopes that these organizations will continue to grow on campus after she leaves for the many years to come. 

Marissa Marable, a senior on the Women’s soccer team, proves that student-atheltes can do much more with their time than just focus on their sport.

Marissa Marable, a senior on the Women’s soccer team, proves that student-atheltes can do much more with their time than just focus on their sport.