Men’s soccer off to a perfect start
Junior forward TJ Perez advances on the Fresno Pacific defenders as the Seawolves went on to beat the Sunbirds 1-0. Perez scored a goal in the Seawolve’s 3-1 season-opener against Simon Frazer Univbersity.


It could have been the packed stands; it could have been the sense of confidence surging from a team returning with all but one player from their previous season.
One thing was certain; there was an undeniable feeling of anticipation and excitement as the Sonoma State men’s soccer team took the field for the first time in their season-opener last week.
The Seawolves found themselves victorious in their first two matches of the season, defeating Simon Frazier 3-1 on Thursday, and Fresno Pacific 1-0 on Saturday.
The offense was electric in their season-opener Thursday, with senior Brenton Frame leading the attack.
Frame contributed two of the three goals for the Seawolves in the 3-1 win over the Clan.
The first goal was scored almost as soon as the whistle blew, coming in just under two minutes into the game on a free kick where Frame buried the ball in the corner of the net.
The ball was kicked so hard; it was deep in the net before the Clan’s goalie could even react to it.
With two minutes remaining in the first half, junior forward T.J. Perez scored a goal of his own, after stealing the ball away from a Frazier defender in SFU territory and chipping it over the head of the goalkeeper.
The Seawolves added one more goal in 59 minute when a corner kick by Josh Sanchez perfectly set up Frame, who tapped it into the net.
The Clan offense was relentless in the second half, shooting nine of their 11 total shots during the last 45 minutes. However, sophomore goalkeeper Mitch North was just as unyielding.
 Four of his six saves came in the last half. Only one of the SFU shots found the net in the 67 minute.
After the 3-1 victory, SSU hoped to maintain their undefeated status heading into their Saturday match against the Fresno Pacific Sunbirds.
Unlike Thursday’s game, scoring was kept to a minimum. Throughout the first half, the Seawolves outshot FPU with 11-7 shots on goal, but neither team could find the net.
Heading into the second half, the Seawolves looked to make adjustments against the Sunbirds.
“They had a slower defense so we just looked to expose their outside backs and just get by them,” said junior Armando Coronel.
“In the second half, we figured out how to break them down.”
Coronel gave the Seawolves a lead in the 66 minute after finessing the Sunbird goalkeeper for a wide-open shot.
With a hint of desperation, FPU started firing at the Seawolves’ net. They did so 11 times in the second half. However, none of the attempts were successful thanks to North, who made eight saves during his shift defending the net.
The clock struck zero and the Sunbird players fell to their knees in disbelief while the Seawolves cheered. The 1-0 score was final and SSU raised their record to 2-0-0 on the season.
The Seawolves will play their next five games on the road before returning home to play rival Cal State Chico on Sept. 27 at 2 p.m.