Water polo head coach leads junior national team to gold

Coralie Simmons will return to Sonoma State for her eighth season as head coach of the woman’s water polo team. Through her experiences as an assistant coach for UCLA and the University of Hawaii, along with playing in college at UCLA and professionally on the United States National Team, Simmons brings knowledge and experience to the SSU women’s water polo program to help the girls succeed and play their best.
In 2009, Simmons lead the team to a 9-22 record for the season. Simmons was named the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches (ACWPA) Division II National Coach of the Year after leading the Seawolves to their fourth place finish in the Women’s Water Polo Association Championship Tournament.
This past summer, Simmons had the opportunity to coach the 20U Junior National Team in Greece and successfully lead the team to its second-straight gold metal.
“Playing in Greece this past summer was so unique, this group of girls was so talented and a nice combination between youth and college girls,” said Simmons.
“I got to experience the game tactically and play five on five, rather then six on six, so that was exciting and my coaching staff was an all female staff, the first one to win a national championship.”
Simmons continues to show her love for the game and is able to bring this experience home with her to help bring some new knowledge to the SSU woman’s water polo team.
Simmons said the trip to Greece was a professional development for her as she was able to have access to many other countries’ tactics and approach.
“I think it is great exposure for the school, as well as recruiting and puts us on the map not only nationally, but internationally,” said Simmons.
“I love being apart of my athlete’s lives here at Sonoma State and watching them grow; they balance school and sport so well, I love watching them fulfill their goals as athletes and as students.”

Sonoma State University women’s water polo head coach Coralie Simmons led the Americans to their second striaght gold medal at the FINA Junior World Championships in Volos, Greece.