Men's golf end fall season with 10th place finish

The Sonoma State Seawolves placed 10th in the Otter Invitational at Bayonet Golf Course in Seaside. 

Justin Shluker, one of the team’s seniors, finished the tournament with the 16th spot. The team had a total of 899, 35 over par. 

Even though the Seawolves placed in the top 10, there is still some room for improvement.

“We need to keep improving during offseason so make a solid run for National Championship come spring time,” said Shluker. 

Shluker, playing in NCAA Division II school and a number of CCAA Championships, knows he has many more improvements to make as he wraps up his final year on the golf program. Shluker led for the third time out of five fall tournaments. He had a total of 73-74—220. 

Shluker will continue to improve his game and make sure he reaches the best of his ability as he believes his real struggle is the competition against himself and his own improvement in the sport. 

Golf, like any other sport mainly focuses and consumes the players’ mentality. Players become physically, emotionally and mentally stronger. 

“The things that separate the pros from the amateurs is their ability to snap out of a negative mindset,” said Spencer Clapp. 

Clapp, sophomore, was only four strokes behind Shluker. Clapp ranked in the 32nd spot with 78-73—224.

“My rededication for the game is my proudest accomplishment,” said Clapp. 

Clapp is proud of his performance during the tournament as well as the team’s achievements throughout the tournament and season.  

“We moved in our rankings which is one of the goals we wanted to accomplish,” he said. 

Freshman Devin Gregg finished the tournament in 45th with 76-76-77—277. 

“I have been able to help and contribute to every tournament,” said Gregg. 

Freshman Chase Fritz ranked 53rd with 78-76-75—229. Chase Dossa, senior, ranked 57th with 76-75-79—230, and junior Ian Hoffman ranked 71st with 81-76-77—234. 

 “[If you] don’t have a positive attitude while playing, it’s really hard to succeed,” said Devin Gregg. 

This tournament brings Sonoma State University to the end of their fall season, but they’ll try to come back even stronger in the spring championship in February. 

The team will try and receive more wins to complete the year at the Cal State San Marcos Fujikura Invitational in Vista on Feb. 6 and 7.