Seawolves secure spot in CCAA playoffs

As the season is coming down to the wire and every win matters, Sonoma State Volleyball had a paramount weekend against Stanislaus State and Chico State, clinching a secured spot for the CCAA playoffs. The Seawolves currently have an overall record of 12-9, and 10-4 for the CCAA, which puts them in second place for the CCAA North Division.

Traveling to Turlock, CA, the Seawolves lit up the Stanislaus Warriors Fitzpatrick Arena, by winning their fifth straight match after defeating the Warriors last Friday night. 

Captain of the team, Rachel Andrews lit the court on fire with her kills, having a total of 13 against the Warriors. 

“Every point is always important, especially when playing good teams. When everyone contributes we can be really tough to beat,” said Andrews. 

The first set the Seawolves embraced their defense by accumulating a team total of 50 digs, along with blocks from Andrews and Calan Seitz. 

Despite their opponents blocking defense, the Seawolves took the lead in the first set at 13-10, and from there the Seawolves made the first set theirs by containing the lead. The second set was a nail-bitter for both teams as the Warriors fought back and gave the Seawolves a run for their money.  

Blockage from Andrews and Emily Papale and then a kill from Papale set the tone for the second set, and the Seawolves took the second set 25-21. Going into the third set hoping to take it all, the Warriors brought their game, taking the win 20-15. The final set was a back-to-back point set, but with the errors from the Warriors and the Seawolves delivering some fierce kills, the Seawolves took the overall match.

Entering into rival territory, the Seawolves had their mind set for gold ready to take on the infamous Chico State Wildcats at Acker Gymnasium. 

The Seawolves were more than ready to challenge the Wildcats, who are currently in first place for the CCAA playoffs. 

Once again, with their phenomenal defense, the Seawolves swept the Wildcats Saturday evening, which secured their spot to enter the CCAA playoffs. 

Seitz represented the Seawolves with phenomenal offense with 12 kills. The Seawolves stopped the Wildcats by leaving no holes on the court and having a team total of 84 digs and 4 blocks. While the Seawolves swept the Wildcats, the match was definitely an intense one. 

The first set the Seawolves took on an early lead, but the Wildcats strategized and took it back. Seitz came back with a rock hard kill to stumble the Wildcats. 

“My mindset against Chico was just to play with as much energy as possible. Chico is always super fired up and never gives up on any plays so we had to match their energy in order to be successful,” said Seitz. 

Back and forth the leads were taken from each other. While the set was tied at 22-22 Chico took a timeout, but the Seawolves came back to serve it up and take the first set 25-22. 

While the Seawolves contained the lead, the Wildcats brought out their paws to tie it up, but Kelsey McIntire changed the momentum with a striking kill to have the Wildcats worried. 

With multiple kills from Seitz and blocks from Andrews, the Seawolves took the W for the second set of 25-20. 

In the final set Chico had a strong lead, until Wiesner shook the court with a fire kill to get the ball back and change the energy for the Seawolves. Seitz, with standout offensive kills helped the Seawolves tie the set, followed by another kill from Seitz to officially sweep the Wildcats with the win of 27-25. 

“That match was such a turning point for us and made us realize that we have what it takes to be a great team. We all stayed focus and kept the intensity high throughout the match and I was definitely feeling that energy,” said McIntire.

Pumped for the remaining games left and placing a spot into the CCAA playoffs, the Seawolves will be facing the San Francisco State Gators on Nov. 2 in Wolves’ Den at 7 p.m.