Men's basketball team caps off senior night with 109-70 victory

Allison Kelley

Staff Writer


An emotion packed Wolves’ Den set the tone for a historic win when the Sonoma State University men’s basketball team poured in over 100 points in a rout of Cal State San Marcos in the final home game of 2016. The dominant victory for the Seawolves provided a memorable senior night for the five Seawolves that stepped on the Wolves’ Den for the last time. 

“It was a great experience, especially that we won and all played great,” said senior David Ahern. “We all just wanted to play for each other because it was our last time at home together.”

The Seawolves quickly recovered from their defeat against San Francisco State University on Tuesday, despite the efforts from the Seawolves Tuesday night, the San Francisco Gators were just too fast to catch. Sonoma State lost to San Francisco 76-65, leaving them with a 7-9 in conference play and 12-10 in overall. Both the Seawolves and Gators held onto the seventh spot in the CCAA standings. 

 SFSU put in 16 baskets from behind the arc, 12 of which happened in the first half. The 53.3 percentage is the best the Gators have done all year. Just within 11 minutes into the quarter, San Francisco possessed their largest lead of the night, a 24-point advantage. With the help of Luke Cochran and David Ahern, Sonoma State was able to cut into the Gator lead. 

Cochran and Ahern both scored nine points each in the last 20 minutes of game. Cochran grabbed eight of his team’s 32 rebounds, while Ahern walked off the court with 13 points at the end the night. Even though the Seawolves faced a close loss, senior Andy Mitchell had a nice night scoring a career high of 19 points during the game.

Love was in the air for the Seawolves tilt against CSU San Marcos with a rowdy crowd geared up in pink for the “pink the den” event that was an to ode valentine’s day. Pushing Tuesday’s loss aside, the Seawolves prevailed on the court against Cal State San Marcos, ending the game with a triple digit victory of 102-70. 

This was the first time the men’s basketball team reached 100 points since Jan. 11, 2007. 

The Seawolves were on fire from the floor shooting 56 percent and 54 percent from deep.

“We played with a lot of energy on both ends of the floor and played for each other. We executed very well and made shots offensively and made it tough for San Marcos on defense,” said Ahern. “It was senior night, so we wanted to make sure our last home game was one worth remembering.” 

Sonoma State started off the game fast and strong, leaving no chance for the Cougars to take over. All five seniors started and scored in double figures to wrap up their last home game on a high note.

Guard, Michael Avery walked away with 16 points and seven assists. Forward, James Slade, was able to add 15 points to the scoreboard, while David Ahern and Andy Mitchell both contributed 12 points apiece. 

With every Seawolf lighting up the scorecard, the talk of the night was about senior James Davis, who had a remarkable shooting performance. Davis scored 29 points, including 7-of-9 from the 3-point line and made six out of seven free throws. 

“Senior day was great. I was proud of how we played. The way all the seniors played was amazing,” said Davis. “I was glad that I was able to play well and contribute to a win. But it felt great to play well in front ofmy family.”  

The Seawolves now sit in eighth place with three games left in CCAA play. The Seawolves currently sit in the final spot of the playoff tournament. The final three game swing will be crucial to the Seawolves run at the playoffs 

“We just need to keep the energy from the win against San Marcos and transfer it the court in our last three games,” said David Ahern.

The Seawolves hit the road for their last three conference games, starting with a matchup against San Francisco State on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.