Women’s water polo team can’t swim with the big fish

Kristen Spear

Staff Writer


Fighting against Division I nationally ranked opponents, Sonoma State University women’s water polo team entered the Triton Invitational not only to prove to others, but themselves that they can compete with the best. 

Resulting with only one victory against NCAA Division I Santa Clara University, Sonoma State found themselves standing in the 15th place. 

Saturdays double header resulted in two losses from No. 1 UCLA 1-17 and No. 18 San Diego State University 3-15. Senior, Kaysie Lewis helped get Sonoma on the scoreboard by putting one in the net against the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation reigning champions UCLA and Golden Coast championship qualifier San Diego State University, but both teams were outplayed both offensively and defensively averaging four goals per quarter. 

Junior Carleigh Robinson and freshman Taylor Brown assisted alongside Lewis to keep Sonoma State in the game and put stats on the board. Goalie Taylor Plorin stepped up with an overall 26 saves and a double-digit 14 saves against SDSU. 

“We learn from each and every game that we play. Not only do we learn about ourselves individually, but more importantly we learn how we can improve as a team,” said junior Ellen Peterson. “It is especially important this early in season to make those larger mistakes, so that once season comes around, we are playing to our best abilities.” 

Sunday morning started off with another shaky start as they lost to No. 25 CSU Northridge, but found their rhythm in the fourth quarter. They only allowed one goal against Northridge as they put 3 more in to end the score at 5-14. Within a two minute span, senior center, Noelle Herrera scored twice in the last quarter. Robinson and Brown once again helped build up the momentum. 

“Whenever we were able to surpass our doubts and negative attitude, we all play stronger. I believe my team possesses great potential, especially when we believe in ourselves,” said goalie Taylor Plorin. 


The Seawolves did just that. The lead in the first half between Sonoma State and Santa Clara bounced back and forth as Sonoma State trailed. Before back-to-back goals from Nicole Groat and Lily Carlon. Santa Clara was able to put another away, ending the half 2-2. The third quarter was dominated by the Seawolves as the Broncos tried to make a comeback with a goal at the beginning of the fourth. Once again, Robinson secured the victory. 

In the fall season, Sonoma State fell short against the Broncos, but Plorin said “everyone pumped themselves to achieve their goals. We all communicated in both offense and defense, which helped us defeat our opponent,” said Plorin.

Plorin had a recorded nine saves in their final victory.

“I felt we played very well against Division I opponents. We are confident and very eager to compete in the season that we have ahead of us. We are very excited to play many games and are looking forward to much success,” said Junior driver, Vanessa Vincent. 

The Seawolves are back in action in the Dr. Rudolf pool against Cal State East Bay at 2 p.m.