Softball team turns two in San Francisco

Bianca Sanborn

Staff Writer


The Seawolves snapped the Gators’ jaws shut in their own swamp, bringing home another victory for the Sonoma State softball team. 

Wednesday’s clear skies set the perfect tone for Seawolf domination at San Francisco State and a sweep in the double-header with 5-0 and 3-1 wins. Sonoma appeared to keep their momentum from the prior weekend, where they had won five of six matchups in the Tournament of Champions at Stanislaus State.

The first event at noon got off to a slow start, remaining scoreless throughout the first two innings. The top of the third changed the fate of the game when senior Jena Kaser smacked a grand slam past right center, scoring Carlie Daniel, Alee Balanon and Malory Masajlo. 

“The grand slam felt awesome, even though I struggled to stay consistent at the plate the rest of the double header,” said Kaser, “but I’ve definitely been seeing the ball big since the tournament and San Francisco.” 

The 4-0 lead remained untouched by San Francisco thanks to Seawolf pitcher Amanda Llerena who struck out eight Gators and only allowed five hits in the first game. 

“It felt really good, especially with San Francisco being in second place at the time,” said Llerena. “Our defense was looking good as well. That added even more fuel to me in the circle.” 

Lindsey Calcan-Blair was able to add to the lead in the fourth inning, with a single to left field that sent Mayleen Mazon home. 

Unfortunately for San Francisco, Llerena kept the Gators far away from any chance of scoring in the remaining three innings. Sonoma acquired their first victory of the day, 5-0. 

Jordann White set the pace early in the second game, scoring Balanon at the top of the first with a single to left field. Sonoma tacked another run against San Fransisco in the second inning when Calcany Blair doubled to left center and Ricossa touched base at home. 

In the fifth inning, Daniel added the third and final Seawolf RBI of the game, reinforcing the 3-0 lead against the Gators. 

San Francisco, unable to keep up on both the offensive and defensive ends of the diamond, remained scoreless until the bottom of the seventh. San Francisco was finally able to connect with Llerena’s pitch, sending the ball to left field and scoring a Gator to end the game with a 3-1 Seawolf victory. 

Llerena added two complete game victories to her impressive 16-7 record, allowing only one run in fourteen innings on Wednesday. 

“We were doing a great job staying up on every out,” said Llerena. “We just need to keep continuing to hit the ball harder and harder in the box.” 

The Sonoma State softball team currently holds third place in CCAA standings, trailing closely behind Humboldt and Chico State. 

Wednesday’s matchup brought the Seawolves’ overall record to 24-14, with a conference record of 16-9. 

“Our team is getting better every series, taking care of the small things better and seeing results in the aftermath,” said Kaser. “I’m just trying to take in the rest of the series and enjoy my last couple of games of my career as a Seawolf.”

Sonoma State looks forward to challenging the first place conference holder Humboldt State on Monday and Tuesday, with two crucial double-headers against the Lumberjacks on their own turf.