Seawolves SPEAK! ’15-’16 Warriors vs. ’95-’96 Bulls

With “His Airness” Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen leading the way, the Bulls finished the regular season with 72 wins and 10 losses. Jordan, considered the best player in NBA history, finished his unforgettable career with six NBA titles and was honored five times as the league’s MVP. Twenty years of basketball never even threatened to challenge Chicago’s success in ‘96 — until now.

Utilizing two of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA, the league’s second leader in triple-doubles, and a bench that is arguably stronger than most team’s starting lineup, the reigning champions are rewriting the record books. 

This season alone, the team has broken multiple standing records, including the longest winning streak at home (54 straight), best start to a season (24-0), and most threes scored in a game (22).

The stakes are higher than ever as the Warriors approach the end of their 2015-16 season and strive to sweep their remaining nine games, six of which are at home. After two weekend victories against the Mavericks and 76ers, Golden State is dangerously close to breaking the record, only needing a 7-2 run to eclipse Chicago’s standings.

But can the champs match the magnitude of such a legendary team? The STAR asked students whether or not they think the Warriors will break the Bull’s franchise legacy, and which team they think would win in a matchup.


“The dubs are definitely capable of beating the record. Especially with Andre Igoudala expected to return soon.

If they played the Bulls back then, in my opinion that would be a close call. I think the Dubs would finish them off in the last quarter, with their undeniable teamwork and a coupleof Chef Curry’s signature 3’s.” 

-Franchesa Galetti, Sophomore buisness major  


“I do think they will break the record. Considering theirschedule. 

The NBA back then was a lot more physical of a game, compared to now where a lot more fouls get called. it would be a tough game. If Steph, Klay and the Warriors shot lights out, the Bulls wouldn’t really have a chance.” 

-Dallas Burciaga, sophomore communications major


“I think they’ll beat the record. They’re on a wave, they have a lot of momentum. Especially with Steve Kerr as the head coach. He was on that ’95-96 team so he knows what it takes to to win.I think the Bulls wouldbeat them in a seven game series. The Bull’s tenacity was grade A, but I love the way the Warriors play, they’re unselfish.’” 

-Ronnie Harris, junior communications major.


I do think they’ll end up beating the record. They really know how to feed off the home crowd They might have some trouble with the Spurs. The Bulls would win overall because they were great for many years. The Warriors are being over-hyped after only being good for the past two seasons. 

-Brigitte Maina, sophomore communications major

Staff Picks: 

Bianca Sanborn: Warriors 

Naaman Hightower: Bulls

Andrea Serles: Warriors 

Blake Robinson: Bulls 

Haiilee Zastrow: Warriors 

Kim Baptista: Bulls 

Shannon Brown: Bulls  

Joesph Encinas: Bulls

Brandon Stachnik: Warriors 

Aubrie Tolliver: Warriors 

Tommy Call: Warriors