Garcia breaks program record in 6K

The women’s cross country team ventured to the wilderness this weekend, participating in the Humbolt State Invitational6K event.. The race was held at Patrick’s Point State Park where 10 teams from around the West Coast were invited to compete. 

With this being just the fifth yearthe Sonoma State Seawolves have had a cross country team, the overall spirit and moral is very high. Cross country tests the endurance of those who are willing to break the barrier and push their own limits. 

The Patrick’s Point State Park provided a cool and foggy atmosphere, which, according to Camille Schutze was “perfect” for a race. Schutze also mentionedthere were several other obstacles included in the race that normally are not set in a cross country race setting. The main hindrance used to be a 10-foot wall the racers had to overcome, but over time there was too much weathering on the trail that it had to be removed. 

This kind of terrain made the race even more interesting and alluring to the racers. The course had a mix of traditional trails, as well as many dissimilar ones, keeping the runners on their toes.

 One competitor had no issues conquering the terrain. Sophomore Analicia Garcia easily mastered the course, finishing in just 21:11.46, a powerful display of athleticism. Garcia left Patrick’s Point State Park having broken the program’s individual 6K-meter record by an impressive 30 seconds. 

Sonoma State finished sixth of ten competing teams at the Humboldt State Invitational. The Seawolves are competing again Sept. 19 at the Cal State Monterey Invitational in Seaside, California.