Seawolves sweep Gators in straight sets

In the chilly fog of the San Francisco State University Swamp, the Seawolves whipped out their dustpansand opened up their first conference game with a sweep. 

Sonoma State University started off their first set rallying back and forth with the Gators to keep it tied, until Caiti Wiesner and Rachel Andrews broke the rally by firing in deep kills the Gators couldn’t match. 

With remarkable offense from Wiesner and Andrews, the Seawolves reinforced their strength, working as a team to make critical defensive plays to hold the lead and not let the Gators sneak in more points. The Seawolves took the set 25-18.

Adrenaline still rushing from their first set, the Seawolves began the second set with solid offensive plays, taking the lead early. The Gators refused to back down, putting offensive pressure on the Seawolves. 

“San Francisco had some really good plays, but what kept us focused was our control of the game. We didn’t let their good plays get in our heads and we stayed confident and composed,” said Kelsey McIntire. 

Remaining confident and composed, the Seawolves completely took set two away from the Gators, 25-21.

Focused on finishing the sweep, Sonoma State charged right into the third set with forceful kills to set the tone for a win. 

Feeding off the offensive energy, Emily Papale, Andrews and Wiesner each tied with a total of 11 kills throughout the entire match. 

“One thing that I personally worked on during practice last week was bringing more positive energy onto the court, being more talkative with my teammates and motivating them to put forth their best effort all of the time,” Papale said. 

While these three were tenacious on offense, the Seawolves knew they had a strong defense to fall back on. Libero Megan Bohorquez took away potential points for the Gators by stopping them with a total of 15 digs. 

Calan Seitz also helped put the team on her back by stopping the Gators with 12 digs. 

After her phenomenal defensive game, Seitz said, “I try to work my hardest at the skills I do on the court to help the team out in any way possible. I think that if I work my hardest I will set an example for the rest of the team.” 

The Seawolves ended the final set, taking the win 25-18. With an overall total of 53 kills, 3 blocks and 44 assists, the Seawolves opened up their first conference game like the defending champions they are. 

Their teamwork and dedication pulled the Seawolves out of a 4-game losing streak.

“We have been working hard in practice since our tournament last weekend to get better at all our offense and defense skills which helped us get this win,” said Seitz. 

The Seawolves will continue conference play against California State East Bay on Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. in the Pioneer Gymnasium, hoping to continue their success inCCAA.